An eloquent way of importing and exporting Excel and CSV in Laravel 4 with the power of PHPExcel


Laravel-Excel 3.0

Laravel Excel 3.0

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💎 Laravel Excel is intended at being Laravel-flavoured PhpSpreadsheet: a simple, but elegant wrapper around PhpSpreadsheet with the goal of simplifying exports.

🔥PhpSpreadsheet is a library written in pure PHP and providing a set of classes that allow you to read from and to write to different spreadsheet file formats, like Excel and LibreOffice Calc.

Laravel Excel features:

  • Easily export collections to Excel
  • Export queries with automatic chunking for better performance
  • Queue exports for better performance
  • Easily export Blade views to Excel

Read more about Laravel Excel 3.0 on our blog:

Supported Versions

Versions will be supported for a limited amount of time.

Version Laravel Version Php Version Support
2.1 <=5.6 <=7.0 EOL on 15-5-2018
3.0 ^5.5 ^7.0 New features


Imports are currently not supported by 3.0. This functionality will be re-added in 3.1.


Require this package in the composer.json of your Laravel project. This will download the package and PhpSpreadsheet.

composer require maatwebsite/excel

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License & Postcardware

Our software is open source and licensed under the MIT license.

If you use the software in your production environment we would appreciate to receive a postcard of your hometown. Please send it to:

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