This project is an basic implementation of traditional login form with users from database on symfony, as described in the and some codes from symfony demo

Symfony 4 Traditional Login Form with users from database (migrations available to mysql)


  • login and logout routes configured
  • web crud and commands to manage users in database
  • passwords encoded with bcrypt

Not Included:

  • Registration to anonymous
  • Area to user to change the own password

The main reason for this project is to be a start point to another projects thet depends of local users to work.


Download lastest release:

composer create-project thiagogomesverissimo/symfony_traditional_login 

Download branch master:

composer create-project thiagogomesverissimo/symfony_traditional_login -s dev

Configure .env variables and run migrations (only for mysql users):

php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate

Up server:

php bin/console server:run

Three suggestions to create users on database:

1. To use data fixtures that create two users: admin and user, same for passwords:

 php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load

2. To use command:

php bin/console app:add-user user user123
php bin/console app:add-user admin admin123 --admin
php bin/console app:list-users
php bin/console app:delete-user admin
php bin/console app:delete-user user

3. For learning purposes, you can use psysh:

bin/console psysh
$em = $container->get('doctrine')->getManager()
$admin = new App\Entity\User
$password = $container->get('security.password_encoder')->encodePassword($admin, 'admin')