Enforces Long Term Supported versions of Symfony components

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Using symfony/symfony makes Composer install all Symfony Components, all in the same version. But when using the standalone packages, Composer might install dependencies in a different major version (symfony/http-kernel v3.4 is compatible with symfony/event-dispatcher v4.0 for instance).

This is fine if you don't want to stick to Symfony LTS versions and if your code does not use these transitive dependencies.

This Composer package allows you to enforce a consistent major version on all Symfony Components, whether they are explicitly listed as a project's dependency or installed transitively.

Note that this package is meant to be used by projects. Library authors SHOULD NOT use it, except maybe in the "require-dev" Composer section.


Use the Composer command line:

composer require symfony/lts v3

Versioning Policy

There is only one version of the symfony/lts package per major Symfony version. Each version is tagged at the same time as the last minor version of each major release (v4 when Symfony v4.4.0 is out.)

At the same time also, the Composer branch-alias is increased to the next major version number.

If one wants to use the next unreleased major version of Symfony, one should not use this package at all.