Base classes and helper services to build API application via Symfony.

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📦 Base classes and helper services to build API application via Symfony.

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composer req stfalcon-studio/api-bundle

Add next dependencies if you want to use JWT auth

composer req gesdinet/jwt-refresh-token-bundle
composer req lexik/jwt-authentication-bundle

Check the config/bundles.php file

By default, Symfony Flex adds this bundle to the config/bundles.php file. In case when you ignored contrib-recipe during bundle installation it would not be added. In this case add the bundle manually.

# config/bundles.php

return [
    // Other bundles...
    StfalconStudio\ApiBundle\StfalconApiBundle::class => ['all' => true],
    // Other bundles...

Set Up Steps

Add mappings to Doctrine ORM config

      StfalconApiBundle: ~

Set up a directory for JSON schemas

The default directory is ./src/Json/Schema/. Or you can change it via bundle configuration.

  api_host: '%env(APP_API_HOST)%'
  json_schema_dir: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/Json/Schema/'
    enabled: true # set false to disable JWT auth 
    redis_client_jwt_black_list: "@snc_redis.jwt_black_list"


Dictionary enums

For simple dictionary enums, you can use the DictionaryEnumInteface interface on Enums. It will register for serialization like a dictionary, so the result will be like:

  "id": 1,
  "value": "Enum name"

So, now the dictionary action will look like:

#[Route(path: '/foo/bar', name: 'foo_bar', methods: [Request::METHOD_GET])]
public function __invoke(): JsonResponse
    // ...

    return new JsonResponse(data: $this->serializer->serialize(FooBar::cases()), json: true);

In some cases, you may need to serialise dictionary value not as dictionary, for this just add in context parameter default_normalization with any value.

$this->serializer->serialize($fooBar, 'json', ['default_normalization' => true]);


Read the CONTRIBUTING file.