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Extensions for PHPStan


To use this extension, require it in Composer:

composer require --dev slam/phpstan-extensions


When you are using phpstan/extension-installer, conf/slam-rules.neon will be automatically included.

Otherwise you need to include conf/slam-rules.neon in your phpstan.neon:

    - vendor/slam/phpstan-extensions/conf/slam-rules.neon


  1. SlamPhpStan\UnusedVariableRule: check for variable inside functions never used after initial assignment
  2. SlamPhpStan\MissingClosureParameterTypehintRule: requires parameter typehints for closures; WARNING: no PhpDoc allowed, see phpstan/phpstan-strict-rules#87
  3. SlamPhpStan\StringToClassRule: requires strings that refer to classes to be expressed with ::class notation
  4. SlamPhpStan\GotoRule: no goto allowed
  5. SlamPhpStan\ClassNotationRule:
    1. Interfaces must end with "Interface"
    2. Traits must end with "Trait"
    3. Abstract classes must start with "Abstract"
    4. Exceptions must end with "Exception"
  6. SlamPhpStan\PhpUnitFqcnAnnotationRule: classes found in following PHPUnit annotations must exist:
    1. @expectedException
    2. @covers
    3. @coversDefaultClass
    4. @uses
  7. SlamPhpStan\AccessGlobalVariableWithinContextRule: inhibit the access to globals within classes that extend or implement a certain class/interface
  8. SlamPhpStan\AccessStaticPropertyWithinModelContextRule: inhibit the access to static attributes of a class within classes that extend or implement a certain class/interface, useful to prohibit usage of singletons in models

Not-NOW config

A not-now-rules.neon config is present for forbidding raw date system calls:

    - vendor/slam/phpstan-extensions/conf/not-now-rules.neon

These rules forbid:

  1. new DateTimeImmutable()
  2. new DateTime('yesterday')
  3. date('Y-m-d')
  4. time()
  5. strtotime('noon')

You should instead rely on a clock abstraction like lcobucci/clock.

WARNING: the rules are not perfect, a user can tricks them easily; they are meant only to help the transition to a proper clock abstraction.

Symfony-specific config

A symfony-rules.neon config is present for Symfony projects:

    - vendor/slam/phpstan-extensions/conf/symfony-rules.neon

With the following configurations:

  1. SlamPhpStan\SymfonyFilesystemRule: forbid calls to raw filesystem functions well wrapped by symfony/filesystem component
  2. SlamPhpStan\SymfonyProcessRule: forbid calls to raw system functions well wrapped by symfony/process component

Yii-specific config

A yii-rules.neon config is present for Yii projects:

    - vendor/slam/phpstan-extensions/conf/yii-rules.neon

With the following configurations:

  1. SlamPhpStan\AccessGlobalVariableWithinContextRule to deny the usage of $_GET, $_POST and other global variables in models implementing yii\db\ActiveRecordInterface: accessing to singletons in models is considered an anti-pattern
  2. SlamPhpStan\AccessStaticPropertyWithinModelContextRule to deny the usage of yii\BaseYii static variables like $app in models implementing yii\db\ActiveRecordInterface: accessing to singletons in models is considered an anti-pattern