Symfony4, KnpMenuBunde (fixed), EasyAdmin, Bootstrap4 & Fontawesome bundled,


My first experiments with Symfony 4. ...became a kind of boilerplate

This contains:

  • FOSUserBundle

  • EasyAdmin

  • KNP-Menu-Bundle (bootstrap 4 menu)

  • BootStrap 4 Templates for FOSUserBundle

  • Bootstrap4, JQuery, Propper, Fontsawesome local (now npm or bower required)

Tbh. most is copy/paste But at least this project shows how to implement the bundles without the need to search for hours for solutions (like said before, I'm new to Symfony)


Composer is required

Get the files

Old fashioned way - Clone the Git repo or downlod it git clone **TargetDir** Change into the TargetDir and install the components composer install

The composer way

composer create-project schnoog/symf4spielerei <TargetDirectory>


The composer install script will replace a file in the Knp-Menu-Bundle every time composer install oder composer update are called.


Find more about the problem here

Finalze the installation

Create a database

copy the .env file

cp .env .env.local

and fill in your data (database, mailserver....)

Create the tables

php bin/console doctrine:schema:create

Create a user

php bin/console fos:user:create

Make the user admin

php bin/console fos:user:promote

by setting the role ROLE_ADMIN

Have fun