This is Prestaconcept's Symfony distribution packaged with everything you need to build website with PrestaCMS

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This is Prestaconcept's Symfony distribution packaged with everything you need to build website with PrestaCMS.

-> based on Symfony 2.3

Online Demonstration

Sandbox is also deployed for a live demonstration :


📖 Documentation is available on

Issue tracker

📋 Issues are managed in prestaconcept/open-source-management to centralize our open source activity.

Getting Started

Installation with composer

  1. install composer globally or do a : curl -sS | php

  2. create database and a database user (optional if you use root db user in step 4)

  3. go to your working directory : cd path/to/site

  4. run : composer create-project presta/symfony-prestacms . --dev --stability=dev This will give you the last development version.

  5. answer database questions

  6. answer remove versioning info = yes if you want to version your project

  7. create a virtual host with ServerName and ServerAlias or other names if you want, but change config in app/config/bundles/presta_cms_core.yml

  8. run : make configure

  9. do a : app/console doctrine:database:drop --force if you created a database in step 2

  10. run : make install

  11. set proper permissions on app/cache, app/logs and web/uploads. See Symfony documentation

  12. point to english version of your site or the french one

Set-up your data

  • Website
  • page structure
  • page factory
  • run : make refresh to refresh our content

Develop your PrestaCMS bundles

📖 Documentation is available on

Vagrant ###

✏️ Vagrant box is internal at prestaconcept. If you want to use it, join us at prestaconcept.

Ask for help

💬 If you need help about this project you can post a message on our google group


Pull requests are welcome.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed already.

This project is supported by PrestaConcept

Lead Developer : @nicolas-bastien

Released under the MIT License