PHP Censor is a open source self-hosted continuous integration server for PHP projects (PHPCI fork).

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PHP Censor

PHP Censor is an open source, self-hosted, continuous integration server for PHP projects (PHPCI fork). Official twitter @php_censor.

PHP Censor versions:

Version Latest Branch Status Minimal PHP Version
1.0 (Morty Smith) 1.0.16 release-1.0 Old version (UNSUPPORTED) >=5.6, <8.0
1.1 (Birdperson) 1.1.6 release-1.1 Old version (UNSUPPORTED) >=5.6, <8.0
1.2 (Summer Smith) 1.2.4 release-1.2 Old version (UNSUPPORTED) >=5.6, <8.0
1.3 (Jerry Smith) 1.3.7 release-1.3 Old version (UNSUPPORTED) >=5.6, <8.0
2.0 (Rick Sanchez) 2.0.7 release-2.0 Current stable version (Upgrade from v1 to v2) >=7.4
2.1 WIP master Feature minor version (WIP) >=7.4


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System requirements

  • Unix-like OS (Windows isn't supported);

  • PHP 7.4+ (with OpenSSL support and enabled functions: exec(), shell_exec() and proc_open());

  • Web-server (Nginx or Apache2);

  • Database (MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL);

  • Beanstalkd queue;


  • Clone project from GitHub, Bitbucket (Git/Hg), GitLab, Git, Hg (Mercurial), SVN (Subversion) or from local directory;

  • Set up and tear down database tests for PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite;

  • Install Composer dependencies;

  • Run tests for PHPUnit, Atoum, Behat, Codeception and PHPSpec;

  • Check code via Lint, PHPParallelLint, Pdepend, PHPCodeSniffer, PHPCpd, PHPCsFixer, PHPDocblockChecker, PHPLoc, PHPMessDetector, PHPTalLint and TechnicalDebt;

  • Run through any combination of the other supported plugins, including Campfire, CleanBuild, CopyBuild, Deployer, Env, Git, Grunt, Gulp, PackageBuild, Phar, Phing, Shell and Wipe;

  • Send notifications to Email, XMPP, Slack, IRC, Flowdock, HipChat and Telegram;

  • Use your LDAP-server for authentication;


Versions changelog.


See milestones.


See Installing section in documentation;


See Updating section in documentation;

Configuring project

There are several ways to set up the project:

  • Add project without any project config (Runs "zero-config" plugins, including: Composer, TechnicalDebt, PHPLoc, PHPCpd, PHPCodeSniffer, PHPMessDetector, PHPDocblockChecker, PHPParallelLint, PHPUnit and Codeception);

  • Similar to Travis CI, to support PHP Censor in your project, you simply need to add a .php-censor.yml file to the root of your repository;

  • Add project config in PHP Censor project page (And it will cancel file config from project repository);

The project config should look something like this:

    action:    "install"
    directory: "."
    config: "phpunit.xml"
    allow_failures: true
    standard: "PSR2"
    allow_failures: true
    default_mailto_address: admin@php-censor.local

More details about configuring project in documentation.


Run to apply latest migrations:

cd /path/to/php-censor
./bin/console php-censor-migrations:migrate

Run to create a new migration:

cd /path/to/php-censor
./bin/console php-censor-migrations:create NewMigrationName

Code style

cd /path/to/php-censor

./vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --allow-risky=yes


cd /path/to/php-censor

./vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration ./phpunit.xml.dist --coverage-html ./tests/runtime/coverage -vvv --colors=always

For Phar plugin tests set 'phar.readonly' setting to Off (0) in php.ini config. Otherwise the tests will be skipped.

For database tests create an empty 'test_db' database on 'localhost' with user/password: root/<empty> for MySQL and with user/password: postgres/<empty> for PostgreSQL (You can change default test user, password and database name in phpunit.xml[.dist] config constants). If connection failed the tests will be skipped.


Full PHP Censor documentation.


PHP Censor is open source software licensed under the BSD-2-Clause license.