Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app.

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Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app. In less than 5 minutes you can install Phinx and create your first database migration. Phinx is just about migrations without all the bloat of a database ORM system or framework.

Check out for the comprehensive documentation.



  • Write database migrations using database agnostic PHP code.
  • Migrate up and down.
  • Migrate on deployment.
  • Seed data after database creation.
  • Get going in less than 5 minutes.
  • Stop worrying about the state of your database.
  • Take advantage of SCM features such as branching.
  • Integrate with any app.

Supported Adapters

Phinx natively supports the following database adapters:

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Install & Run


The fastest way to install Phinx is to add it to your project using Composer (

  1. Install Composer:

    curl -sS | php
  2. Require Phinx as a dependency using Composer:

    php composer.phar require robmorgan/phinx
  3. Install Phinx:

    php composer.phar install
  4. Execute Phinx:

    php vendor/bin/phinx

As a Phar

You can also use the Box application to build Phinx as a Phar archive (

  1. Clone Phinx from GitHub

    git clone git://
    cd phinx
  2. Install Composer

    curl -s | php
  3. Install the Phinx dependencies

    php composer.phar install
  4. Install Box:

    curl -LSs | php
  5. Create a Phar archive

    php box.phar build


Check out for the comprehensive documentation.


Please read the CONTRIBUTING document.

News & Updates

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Version History

0.5.4 (Monday, 25th April 2016)

  • Added support for running multiple seeders
  • Use GLOB_BRACE when finding migrations only if its available
  • Added support for MySQL VARBINARY column type
  • Minor bug fixes

0.5.3 (Monday, 7th March 2016)

  • Critical fix: allow migration_name to be null. Introduced in 0.5.2
  • Status command now shows migration start and end times
  • Bug fix for rolling back by date
  • Documentation improvements

0.5.2 (Tuesday, 1st March 2016)

  • Status command now includes missing migration names
  • Added support for Postgres table comments
  • Added insert() for the TablePrefixAdapter
  • Fixed the migration verbosity flag
  • Added MySQL 5.7 JSON support
  • Added support for MySQL FULLTEXT indexes
  • Postgres now supports BIGSERIAL for primary keys
  • Added support for MySQL index limits
  • Initial support for multiple migration paths (using glob)
  • Documentation improvements
  • Unit test enhancements

0.5.1 (Wednesday, 30th December 2015)

  • PHP 5.3 is no longer supported!
  • Add support for Symfony 3.0 components
  • Ensure that the status command returns the correct exit code
  • Allow $version to be passed into templates
  • Support for MySQL YEAR column type
  • Multiple documentation updates and corrections

0.5.0 (Monday, 30th November 2015)

  • Support for seeding data after database creation
  • The migration and seed directories are now nested under db by default
  • Moved Phinx\Migration\Util to Phinx\Util\Util
  • All insert() methods now have a slightly different method signature
  • Fixed key/insert operations for MySQL
  • Introduced AdapterInterface::hasIndexByName()
  • Improved dropForeignKey() handling for SQLite
  • Added support for the MySQL binary datatype. BLOBs now use the proper type.
  • The status command shows a count of pending migrations in JSON output
  • We are now testing against PHP 7

0.4.6 (Friday, 11th September 2015)

  • You can now set custom migration templates in the config files
  • Support for MySQL unsigned booleans
  • Support for Postgres smallint column types
  • Support for AFTER when using changeColumn() with MySQL
  • Support for precision and scale when using the Postgres decimal type
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate migration names could be used
  • The schema table is now created with a primary key
  • Fixed issues when using the MySQL STRICT_TRANS_TABLE mode
  • Improved the docs in the default migration template
  • Made Box PHAR ignore the bundled phinx.yml configuration file
  • Updated Box installer URL
  • Internal code improvements
  • Documentation improvements

0.4.5 (Tuesday, 1st September 2015)

  • The rollback command now supports a date argument
  • Fixed DBLIB DSN strings for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Postgres support for jsonb columns added
  • The addTimestamps() helper method no longer updates the created_at column
  • Fix for Postgres named foreign keys
  • Unit test improvements (including strict warnings)
  • Documentation improvements

0.4.4 (Sunday, 14th June 2015)

  • The change method is now the default
  • Added a generic adapter insert method. Warning: The implementation will change!
  • Updated Symfony depdencies to ~2.7
  • Support for MySQL BLOB column types
  • SQLite migration fixes
  • Documentation improvements

0.4.3 (Monday, 23rd Feburary 2015)

  • Postgres bugfix for modifying column DEFAULTs
  • MySQL bugfix for setting column INTEGER lengths
  • SQLite bugfix for creating multiple indexes with similar names (Saturday, 7th Feburary 2015)

  • Proper release, updated docs

0.4.2 (Friday, 6th Feburary 2015)

  • Postgres support for json columns added
  • MySQL support for enum and set columns added
  • Allow setting identity option on columns
  • Template configuration and generation made more extensible
  • Created a base class for ProxyAdapter and TablePrefixAdapter
  • Switched to PSR-4

0.4.1 (Tuesday, 23rd December 2014)

  • MySQL support for reserved words in hasColumn and getColumns methods
  • Better MySQL Adapter test coverage and performance fixes
  • Updated dependent Symfony components to 2.6.x

0.4.0 (Sunday, 14th December 2014)

  • Adding initial support for running Phinx via a web interface
  • Support for table prefixes and suffixes
  • Bugfix for foreign key options
  • MySQL keeps column default when renaming columns
  • MySQL support for tiny/medium and longtext columns added
  • Changed SQL Server binary columns to varbinary
  • MySQL supports table comments
  • Postgres supports column comments
  • Empty strings are now supported for default column values
  • Booleans are now supported for default column values
  • Fixed SQL Server default constraint error when changing column types
  • Migration timestamps are now created in UTC
  • Locked Symfony Components to 2.5.0
  • Support for custom migration base classes
  • Cleaned up source code formatting
  • Migrations have access to the output stream
  • Support for custom PDO connections when a PHP config
  • Added support for Postgres UUID type
  • Fixed issue with Postgres dropping foreign keys

0.3.8 (Sunday, 5th October 2014)

  • Added new CHAR & Geospatial column types
  • Added MySQL unix socket support
  • Added precision & scale support for SQL Server
  • Several bug fixes for SQLite
  • Improved error messages
  • Overall code optimizations
  • Optimizations to MySQL hasTable method

0.3.7 (Tuesday, 12th August 2014)

  • Smarter configuration file support
  • Support for Postgres Schemas
  • Fixed charset support for Microsoft SQL Server
  • Fix for Unique indexes in all adapters
  • Improvements for MySQL foreign key migration syntax
  • Allow MySQL column types with extra info
  • Fixed SQLite autoincrement behaviour
  • PHPDoc improvements
  • Documentation improvements
  • Unit test improvements
  • Removing primary_key as a type

0.3.6 (Sunday, 29th June 2014)

  • Add custom adapter support
  • Fix PHP 5.3 compatibility for SQL Server

0.3.5 (Saturday, 21st June 2014)

  • Added Microsoft SQL Server support
  • Removed Primary Key column type
  • Cleaned up and optimized many methods
  • Updated Symfony dependencies to v2.5.0
  • PHPDoc improvements

0.3.4 (Sunday, 27th April 2014)

  • Added support MySQL unsigned integer, biginteger, float and decimal types
  • Added JSON output support for the status command
  • Fix a bug where Postgres couldnt rollback foreign keys
  • Moved Phinx type references to interface constants
  • Fixed a bug with SQLite in-memory databases

0.3.3 (Saturday, 22nd March 2014)

  • Added support for JSON configuration
  • Named index support for all adapters (thanks @archer308)
  • Updated Composer dependencies
  • Fix for SQLite Integer Type
  • Fix for MySQL port option

0.3.2 (Monday, 24th February 2014)

  • Adding better Postgres type support

0.3.1 (Sunday, 23rd February 2014)

  • Adding MySQL charset support to the YAML config
  • Removing trailing spaces

0.3.0 (Sunday, 2nd February 2014)

  • PSR-2 support
  • Method to add timestamps easily to tables
  • Support for column comments in the Postgres adapter
  • Fixes for MySQL driver options
  • Fixes for MySQL biginteger type

0.2.9 (Saturday, 16th November 2013)

  • Added SQLite Support
  • Improving the unit tests, especially on Windows

0.2.8 (Sunday, 25th August 2013)

  • Added PostgresSQL Support

0.2.7 (Saturday, 24th August 2013)

  • Critical fix for a token parsing bug
  • Removed legacy build system
  • Improving docs

0.2.6 (Saturday, 24th August 2013)

  • Added support for environment vars in config files
  • Added support for environment vars to set the Phinx Env
  • Improving docs
  • Fixed a bug with column names in indexes
  • Changes for developers in regards to the unit tests

0.2.5 (Sunday, 26th May 2013)

  • Added support for Box Phar Archive Packaging
  • Added support for MYSQL_ATTR driver options
  • Fixed a bug where foreign keys cannot be removed
  • Added support for MySQL table collation
  • Updated Composer dependencies
  • Removed verbosity options, now relies on Symfony instead
  • Improved unit tests

0.2.4 (Saturday, 20th April 2013)

  • The Rollback command supports the verbosity parameter
  • The Rollback command has more detailed output
  • Table::dropForeignKey now returns the table instance

0.2.3 (Saturday, 6th April 2013)

  • Fixed a reporting bug when Phinx couldn't connect to a database
  • Added support for the MySQL 'ON UPDATE' function
  • Phinx timestamp is now mapped to MySQL timestamp instead of datetime
  • Fixed a docs typo for the minimum PHP version
  • Added UTF8 support for migrations
  • Changed regex to handle migration names differently
  • Added support for custom MySQL table engines such as MyISAM
  • Added the change method to the migration template

0.2.2 (Sunday, 3rd March 2013)

  • Added a new verbosity parameter to see more output when migrating
  • Support for PHP config files

0.2.1 (Sunday, 3rd March 2013)

  • Broken Release. Do not use!
  • Unit tests no longer rely on the default phinx.yml file
  • Running migrate for the first time does not give php warnings
  • default_migration_table is now actually supported
  • Updated docblocks to 2013.

0.2.0 (Sunday, 13th January 2013)

  • First Birthday Release
  • Added Reversible Migrations
  • Removed options parameter from AdapterInterface::hasColumn()

0.1.7 (Tuesday, 8th January 2013)

  • Improved documentation on the YAML configuration file
  • Removed options parameter from AdapterInterface::dropIndex()

0.1.6 (Sunday, 9th December 2012)

  • Added foreign key support
  • Removed PEAR support
  • Support for auto_increment on custom id columns
  • Bugfix for column default value 0
  • Documentation improvements

0.1.5 (Sunday, 4th November 2012)

  • Added a test command
  • Added transactions for adapters that support it
  • Changing the Table API to use pending column methods
  • Fixed a bug when defining multiple indexes on a table

0.1.4 (Sunday, 21st October 2012)

  • Documentation Improvements

0.1.3 (Saturday, 20th October 2012)

  • Fixed broken composer support

0.1.2 (Saturday, 20th October 2012)

  • Added composer support
  • Now forces migrations to be in CamelCase format
  • Now specifies the database name when migrating
  • Creates the internal log table using its API instead of raw SQL

0.1.1 (Wednesday, 13th June 2012)

  • First point release. Ready for limited production use.

0.1.0 (Friday, 13th January 2012)

  • Initial public release.


(The MIT license)

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