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Pheanstalk is a pure PHP 5.3+ client for the beanstalkd workqueue. It has been actively developed, and used in production by many, since late 2008.

Created by Paul Annesley, Pheanstalk is rigorously unit tested and written using encapsulated, maintainable object oriented design. Community feedback, bug reports and patches has led to a stable 1.0 release in 2010, a 2.0 release in 2013, and a 3.0 release in 2014.

Pheanstalk 3.0 introduces PHP namespaces, PSR-1 and PSR-2 coding standards, and PSR-4 autoloader standard.

beanstalkd up to the latest version 1.10 is supported. All commands and responses specified in the protocol documentation for beanstalkd 1.3 are implemented.

Installation with Composer

Install pheanstalk as a dependency with composer:

composer require pda/pheanstalk

Usage Example


// Hopefully you're using Composer autoloading.

use Pheanstalk\Pheanstalk;

$pheanstalk = new Pheanstalk('');

// ----------------------------------------
// producer (queues jobs)

  ->put("job payload goes here\n");

// ----------------------------------------
// worker (performs jobs)

$job = $pheanstalk

echo $job->getData();


// ----------------------------------------
// check server availability

$pheanstalk->getConnection()->isServiceListening(); // true or false

Running the tests

There is a section of the test suite which depends on a running beanstalkd at, which was previously opt-in via --with-server. Since porting to PHPUnit, all tests are run at once. Feel free to submit a pull request to rectify this.

# ensure you have Composer set up
$ wget http://getcomposer.org/composer.phar
$ php composer.phar install

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit
PHPUnit 4.0.19 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from /Users/pda/code/pheanstalk/phpunit.xml.dist

................................................................. 65 / 83 ( 78%)

Time: 239 ms, Memory: 6.00Mb

OK (83 tests, 378 assertions)



© Paul Annesley

Released under the The MIT License