Simple integration testing tool for Nette Framework applications

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Tested against PHP 7.4. Please read this wiki.

Heavily inspired by these GitHub projects:

And article(s):

Simple test bench for Nette Framework projects

Write integration tests as simple as possible. This project helps you to write tests very quickly. DRY! The main goal of this project is to make testing very simple for everyone and help with the difficult start.

You can find few examples in this readme or take a look to the tests folder in this project.


$ composer require nexendrie/testbench

Testbench itself doesn't need database. But if you want to use Testbench\TDoctrine or Testbench\TNetteDatabase trait you have to set up database for the first connection. You should use standard database configuration - nothing special. You can see example in tests/tests.local.neon.dist file. Empty database is good enough for Testbench. Supported databases are:

  • Doctrine 2
  • Nette\Database

For another databases please send PR or open issue.

Minimal code

At first, you need classic bootstrap file (just example, DIY):


require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

Testbench\Bootstrap::setup(__DIR__ . '/_temp', function (\Nette\Configurator $configurator) {
		__DIR__ . '/../app',

		'appDir' => __DIR__ . '/../app',

	$configurator->addConfig(__DIR__ . '/../app/config/config.neon');
	$configurator->addConfig(__DIR__ . '/tests.neon');

It's important, that we are not creating dependency injection container here. You can use autoload from composer if you don't want to use robot loader. You should also create config file e.g. tests.neon. This file is needed only for database tests at this moment. In this file you should configure your project before tests:

	sqls: #what should be loaded after empty database creation
		- %appDir%/../sqls/1.sql
		- %appDir%/../sqls/2.sql

And you are ready to go:


require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';

 * @testCase
class HomepagePresenterTest extends \Tester\TestCase

	use \Testbench\TPresenter;

	public function testRenderDefault()

	public function testRenderDefaultModule()


(new HomepagePresenterTest())->run();

You can easily write cover with tests UI\Controls, restricted areas, forms, signals, redirects, ...

Please read this article.

Give it a shot!

Look at the tests in this project. You'll see how to use it properly. There are examples in tests folder or in the wiki. Learn how to use these traits: