This package contains a set of Twig extensions and utility class to ease the use of Twig templates in Mouf.

v3.0.0 2022-12-01 16:42 UTC


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What is this package?

This package contains a set of classes to make Twig easier to use inside Mouf.

Twig extensions

It contains a set of Twig extensions that can be used to add useful features in Mouf. For instance: ValueInterface and HtmlElementInterface evaluation in the Twig template, or I18n using Fine, in the template.

Extended Twig_Environment

The Twig_Environment is overloaded in order to be easier to configure from Mouf (the constructor proposes a set of arguments rather than a simple array).

Also, this package contains an installer that will create a Twig_Environment instance you can directly use.

Mouf package

This package is part of Mouf (, an effort to ensure good developing practices by providing a graphical dependency injection framework.