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Monofony is an Open Source micro-framework on top of Symfony & Sylius.

It allows you to use great Sylius packages in a non-commerce Symfony project, with Resource & Grid bundles.

You'll be able to use a full-stack Behaviour-Driven-Development with phpspec and Behat. Cause most of the code is coming with Symfony flex recipes, the files are yours, and you'd be able to customize everything easily.

⚙️ Installation

Install Monofony with Composer (see requirements details).

📖 Documentation

Documentation is available at

🐈 Demo

The demo project on Github. See our Monofony live demo.

📦 Packs


This pack is already available with the installation.

Some screenshots from our demo project:

Admin dashboard image

Admin advanced list image


This pack is optional. Read the doc to install it.

You'll have some basic endpoints to manage your customers.

Api image


This pack is optional. Read the doc to install it.

You'll have these default features:

  • customer login
  • customer registration
  • forgotten password
  • user profile

Some screenshots from our demo project:

Customer login image

Customer account image

🤝 Community

Get Monofony support on Sylius Slack via #monofony channel.

Stay updated by following our Twitter.

Would like to help us and build the best symfony micro-framework using Sylius? Feel free to open a pull-request!

📃 License

Monofony is completely free and released under the MIT License.

✍️ Authors

Monofony was originally created by Loïc Frémont. See the list of contributors from our community.