Koillection is a self-hosted service allowing users to manage any kind of collection.



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Koillection is a self-hosted service allowing users to manage any kind of collection. It is a project I did for my personal use. But since it can interest some people I decided to release it publicly.


Koillection is still in development. There might be some bugs, missing features and changes in the future.


  1. PHP 7.2 You may need to add the following extensions:
    • apcu
    • cgi
    • ctype
    • curl
    • dom
    • exif
    • fileinfo
    • fpm
    • gd
    • iconv
    • intl
    • json
    • mbstring
    • opcache
    • openssl
    • pdo
    • pdo_pgsql
    • phar
    • session
    • simplexml
    • sodium
    • tokenizer
    • xml
    • xmlwriter
    • zip
  2. A webserver such as Apache2 or nginx
  3. A Postgresql database


Using git or an archive file

  1. git clone the repository or download and unzip the project archive
  2. Create a .env.local file and copy the content of .env in it
  3. In .env.local replace the values between curly braces by your configuration and remove all curly braces
    • {secret} -> a random string
    • {user} -> your database user
    • {password} -> your database password
    • {host} -> your database address (ex: or localhost)
    • {port} -> your database port (5432 by default for postgres)
    • {dbname} -> your database name
    • {version} -> your postgres server version (ex: 10.3)
  4. In the project root folder execute composer install -o
  5. And then php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate
  6. Configure a vhost (you can find an example for nginx in docs folder)
  7. (optionnal) Copy the values contained in docs/php.ini in your own php.ini. Not mandatory but can improve performance greatly

Using Docker

There is 2 Docker images you can use :


Koillection is an Open Source software, released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.