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This repository contains a set of developer-friendly, general purpose PHP images for Docker.

You can enable or disable the extensions using environment variables. You can also modify the php.ini settings using environment variables. 2 types available: slim (no extensions preloaded) or fat (most common PHP extensions are built-in) 3 variants available:## How to install the project CLI, apache and fpm Fat images are bundled with Supercronic which is a Cron compatible task runner. Cron jobs can be configured using environment variables Fat images come with Composer and Prestissimo installed All variants can be installed with or without NodeJS (if you need to build your static assets). Everything is done to limit file permission issues that often arise when using Docker. The image is actively tested on Linux, Windows and MacOS

Each image come with:

  • phpqa library: for using coding standard,
  • behat (goutte and selenium): for the no regression of your code,
  • mailer server: a server where your email would be catch in development environment


Name PHP Symfony
[jmlebonniec/docker-image-phpqa-behat-sf] 7.3 4.3

How to install the project

First install docker and docker-compose

For docker: follow the install instruction here: For docker-compose: follow the install instruction here:

After install source project

composer create-project jmlebonniec/docker-image-phpqa-behat-sf your-project-name

Add in your host the host: {your-name-project}.local mailer.{your-name-project}.local mariadb.{your-name-project}.local

In the project folder, copy .env.template to .env

Be attentive to replace correctly {your-name-project} with your project name!!!

Replace sfdocker terms with your own reference (project name for example) in the docker-compose.yml

composer install

You can start docker with command

docker-compose up -d

How to use phpqa

phpqa (PHP Quality Assurance) PHP quality checking tools, to allow you to code to a particular standard and easily spot errors and violations.

After your development launch the command cli:

composer phpqa

How to use behat

For testing the no-regression of your development, use the cli command:


How to use the mailer server

Go to the url: http://mailer.{your-name-project}.local/ and see the mailer interface, every mail send from your site find here