Crawler extension for TYPO3

11.0.7 2022-11-18 15:47 UTC


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Libraries and scripts for crawling the TYPO3 page tree. Used for re-caching, re-indexing, publishing applications etc.

You can include the crawler in your TYPO3 project with composer or from TER

composer require tomasnorre/crawler

Crawler processes


Versions and Support

Release TYPO3 PHP Fixes will contain
12.x.y 12.4 8.1-8.3 Features, Bugfixes, Security Updates
11.x.y 10.4-11.5 7.4-8.1 Bugfixes, Security Updates, Since 11.0.3 PHP 8.1
10.x.y 9.5-11.0 7.2-7.4 Security Updates
9.x.y 9.5-11.0 7.2-7.4 As this version has same requirements as 10.x.y, there will be no further releases of this version, please update instead.
8.x.y Releases do not exist
7.x.y Releases do not exist
6.x.y 7.6-8.7 5.6-7.3 Security Updates


Please read the documentation

To render the documentation locally, please use the official TYPO3 Documentation rendering Docker Tool.


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Honorable Previous Maintainers

  • Kasper Skaarhoj
  • Daniel Poetzinger
  • Fabrizio Branca
  • Tolleiv Nietsch
  • Timo Schmidt
  • Michael Klapper
  • Stefan Rotsch