Instant fixes for your TYPO3 code by using Rector.

v1.3.6 2023-08-22 07:30 UTC


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Caution: Never run this tool on production, only on development environment where code is under version control (e.g. git). Always review and test automatic changes before releasing to production.

Rector for TYPO3

This project lets you apply instant upgrades and instant refactoring to your TYPO3 Core and extension code, making it easier to migrate between TYPO3 releases and keeping your code free from deprecation.

It extends the Rector project, which aims to provide instant upgrades and instant refactoring for any PHP code (5.3+).



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This makes it possible to invest more time to keep the project alive and create even more rules for automated migration.


Please post questions in the TYPO3 Slack channel #ext-typo3-rector or feel free to open an issue or start a discussion on GitHub.


Many thanks to Tomas Votruba for his ongoing support and Rector. Many thanks to every other contributor.

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Known Drawbacks

How to Apply Coding Standards?

Rector uses nikic/php-parser, built on technology called an abstract syntax tree (AST). An AST doesn't know about spaces and when written to a file it produces poorly formatted code in both PHP and docblock annotations. That's why your project needs to have a coding standard tool and a set of formatting rules, so it can make Rector's output code nice and shiny again.

We're using ECS with this setup.