PayPal's APIs + BT Playground. Test out all our features and see how to code them with PHP and Symfony 5

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✋ What am I?

Symfony 5 Project to show how to implement and integrate the PayPal's APIs. Including Braintree, V2 Orders, Payments, Billing, Connect with PayPal etc...

▶️ Is it live? Demo

See our demo site.

💾 How we get working?

  1. Git clone the project:
git clone
  1. Start Docker containers:
docker-compose up -d
  1. Update dependencies:
docker-compose exec paypal-playground composer install
docker-compose exec paypal-playground yarn install
docker-compose exec paypal-playgroun yarn encore dev
  1. Go to site: http://localhost:8086

⚙️ Continuous Deployment

This project is configured with continuous deployment. Any PR merged to master branch will generate a build on Travis CI PayPal-Playground. The CI software will run the tests and push the docker build to DockerHub romeritocl/paypal-playground. Once the tag latest is updated, the server will detect a new image and will download it and recreate the container.