OakCMS Yii 2 sample cms

v0.0.1-beta.0.1 2017-04-04 21:29 UTC


Oak is a free, open-source CMS platform based on the Yii2 PHP Framework.

sorry for my bad english 😃

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OakCMS is installed through Composer.

  1. With Composer installed, you can install OakCMS by running: composer create-project --prefer-dist oakcms/oakcms=dev-master oakcms

  2. Execute the command cd oakcms and php application/yii migrate.


The minimum requirement by this project template that your Web server supports PHP 5.6.0.


  1. Google Two factor authentication.

  2. The modular structure of the site.

  3. WidgetKit integration. (https://demo.yootheme.com/widgetkit/joomla/)

  4. Menu module allows you to make any structure of the site from the admin panel. (Analog Joomla Menu component)

  5. Form Builder module, creating forms of any complexity.

And more...