Library to integrate Google Authenticator into a PHP project

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You can use the Google Authenticator app from here to generate One Time Passwords/Tokens and check them with this little PHP app (Of course, you can also create them with this).

Installation using Composer

Add the dependency:

php composer.phar require sonata-project/google-authenticator

If asked for a version, type in 'dev-master' (unless you want another version):

Please provide a version constraint for the sonata-project/google-authenticator requirement: dev-master


See example.php for how to use it.

There's a little web app showing how it works in web/, please make users.dat writeable for the webserver, doesn't really work otherwise (it can't save the secret). Try to login with chregu/foobar.

What's missing in the example:

  • Prevent replay attacks. One token should only be used once
  • Show QR Code only when providing password again (or not at all)
  • Regenerate secret

Google Groups

For questions and proposals you can post on this google groups