Netgen Layouts enables you to build and manage complex web pages in a simpler way and with less coding. This is the core of Netgen Layouts, its heart and soul.

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This repository is the core/kernel of Netgen Layouts. It is not to be installed as a standalone package. Instead, read the installation instructions on how to install the complete Netgen Layouts to your Symfony based app.

For developers

If you intend to develop Netgen Layouts, fix a bug, send a pull request and so on, please read the following sections on how to run various test suites.

Running tests requires that you have complete vendors installed, so run composer install before running the tests.

Unit tests

Run the unit tests by calling composer test from the repo root:

$ composer test

This will use an in memory SQLite database.

You can also run unit tests on a real database. Create an empty MySQL database and run the tests with:

$ DATABASE=mysql://root@localhost/nglayouts composer test

where mysql://root@localhost/nglayouts is a DSN to your MySQL database.

You can also use PostgreSQL:

$ DATABASE=pgsql://user:pass@localhost/nglayouts composer test

Layout editing app REST API tests

Run the REST API tests for layout editing app by calling composer test-api from the repo root:

$ composer test-api

Just as with unit tests, this will use a temporary SQLite database.

You can also use the DATABASE environment variable to run the tests with a MySQL or PostgreSQL database:

$ DATABASE=mysql://root@localhost/nglayouts composer test-api

Behat tests

Some parts of the administration interface are covered with Behat tests. These tests use Chrome WebDriver to run. Before running tests, you need to install the Chrome WebDriver and run it, together with the Symfony CLI used for testing. There is a convenient shell script tests/, which will download the latest Chrome WebDriver and Symfony CLI and start the test web server.

To run the tests, just execute the following:

$ composer behat

This will run the tests with the Chrome UI visible.

To run the tests without the Chrome UI and save some seconds, you can use:

$ chrome behat-headless

Static analysis

All code is statically analysed with PHPStan and Psalm. Make sure that both tools give the OK for the entire codebase after your changes. Run the following commands to run PHPStan and Psalm for the library/bundle code and for tests code, respectively:

$ composer phpstan
$ composer phpstan-tests
$ composer psalm

Coding standards

This repo uses PHP CS Fixer and rules defined in .php-cs-fixer.php file to enforce coding standards. Please check the code for any CS violations before submitting patches:

$ php-cs-fixer fix