Element is a super ''easy-to-work-with'' php framework, that are built on top Slim3. It's very similar to Laravel

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Element is designed to be very simple and straightforward to use.

:elephant: Requirements

Element requires PHP 7.1+.

IMPORTANT: If you want to use YAML files or strings, require the Symfony Yaml component in your composer.json.

:zap: Installation

The supported way of creating an Element project is via Composer.

$ composer create-project element/nexus <NAME>

Whats the foss all about?

Element is designed to be very simple and straightforward to use. It's kind of similar to Laravel, but with a structure and context that suitet my needs and taste in a better way!... While the public views are more or less up to the developer it self, I decided to use adminLTE 2.4.18 for the backend dashboard, simply because it's really easy to use! It has lots of cool ui elements and the best part of it?! It's 100% free - Even for commercial apps :-) So you are good there... But feel free to switch to your own template if you like. (I left the theme as a .zip folder under 'src/assets/themes')

:speech_balloon: Usage

Open up the terminal and type the command below, to see a list of all the commands Element cli has to offer...

$ php element

For example, this command will launch the app on the built-in webserver

$ php element app:serve

But please try it out for yourself! :rocket: It has loads of cool features :sunglasses:


$ phpunit

:link: Contributing

Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.

:cop: Security

If you discover any security related issues, please email stefan@korfitz.com directly, instead of using the issue tracker.

:heavy_check_mark: Source

Element was inspired and put together from these courses over at codecourse.com

  1. Build a shopping cart (episode 2)
  2. Authentication with Slim 3
  3. Easy social authentication
  4. Configuration with Slim 3
  5. JWT Authentication from Scratch
  6. Custom 404 views with Slim 3
  7. Eloquent translations with Slim 3
  8. Slim 3 Pagination
  9. Mailable Classes in Slim 3
  10. Build an image upload microservice
  11. The Symfony Console Component
  12. Build a command-line uptime monitor
  13. Database migrations with Slim
  14. Get friendly with Webpack
  15. Building a Vue project with Webpack
  16. Learn Vuex
  17. Unit testing with PHPUnit

:mega: Credits

:copyright: License

The MIT License (MIT). Please see the license file for more information.