Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those of us who spend some of our working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

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Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal. Drush core ships with lots of useful commands for interacting with code like modules/themes/profiles. Similarly, it runs update.php, executes SQL queries and DB migrations, and misc utilities like run cron or clear cache. Developers love the generate command, which jump starts your coding project by writing ready-to-customize PHP and YML files. Drush can be extended by 3rd party commandfiles.

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Code of Conduct

The Drush project expects all participants to abide by the Drupal Code of Conduct.


Q: What does "Drush" stand for?
A: The Drupal Shell.

Q: How do I pronounce Drush?
A: Some people pronounce the dru with a long 'u' like Drupal. Fidelity points go to them, but they are in the minority. Most pronounce Drush so that it rhymes with hush, rush, flush, etc. This is the preferred pronunciation.

Q: Does Drush have unit tests?
A: Drush has an excellent suite of unit tests. See tests/README.md for more information.


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