Locked core dependencies; require this project INSTEAD OF drupal/core.

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This project is for use with a Composer-managed Drupal site. It is recommended that all Composer-managed Drupal sites use this project.

Require this project instead of the drupal/core subtree split in order to guarantee that all of the dependencies from drupal/core will be included in your Drupal site at exactly the same version that was tested with the version of Drupal you are currently using.

The consequences of not using this project is that Drupal's dependencies may "float up" to more recent versions than were tested with Drupal when you use Composer to upgrade your Drupal site. Occasionally, new dependency versions introduce bugs in Drupal. While these sorts of errors are usually corrected fairly quickly, it can still be quite disruptive to be one of the first people encountering one of these bugs. Using the recommended dependencies avoids this problem by only using dependency versions that have already been tested with Drupal.


When using this project, upgrade your Drupal site as follows:

$ composer update drupal/core-recommended --with-dependencies

This will update drupal/core and any needed dependencies.

Running a simple composer update will also update drupal/core, all of Drupal's dependencies (to the correct tested versions), and all of your contrib modules and other dependencies.


This project is derived from the original community project webflo/drupal-core-strict. It was generated from tools derived from webflo/package-generator-drupal and webflo/package-generator.