This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the drupal/core-dev-pinned package instead.

Pinned require-dev dependencies from drupal/drupal; use in addition to drupal/core-recommended to run tests from drupal/core.

8.8.0-alpha1 2019-10-18 01:04 UTC


This project is for use with a Composer-managed Drupal site. This project is only needed to run the Drupal test suite on the site, and even then, it is generally preferable to use the project drupal/dev-dependencies instead of this one.


This project is pinned to a specific version of drupal/core; it is therefore slightly more difficult to update if used in conjunction with drupal/core-recommended. Both metapackages must be upgraded together:

$ composer update drupal/core-recommended drupal/pinned-dev-dependencies --with-dependencies

If your project is not using drupal/core-recommended, then this project can be upgraded directly:

$ composer update drupal/pinned-dev-dependencies --with-dependencies

However, it is not recommended to use this project unless you are also using drupal/core-recommended.


This project is derived from the original community project webflo/drupal-core-require-dev. It was generated from tools derived from webflo/package-generator-drupal and webflo/package-generator.