PhantomJS driver for Mink framework

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v0.3.3 2016-12-01 10:57 UTC

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Installation & Compatibility

You need a working installation of PhantomJS

This driver is tested using PhantomJS 1.9.8 but it should work with 1.9.X or latest 2.0.X versions

This driver supports PHP 5.4 or greater, there is NO support for PHP 5.3

Use Composer to install all required PHP dependencies:

$ composer require --dev behat/mink jcalderonzumba/mink-phantomjs-driver

How to use

Driver specific configuration if using BEHAT

      base_url: http://www.google.com/
      javascript_session: 'phantomjs'
        phantom_server: ""
        template_cache: "/tmp/jcalderonzumba/phantomjs"

PhantomJS browser start:

phantomjs --ssl-protocol=any --ignore-ssl-errors=true vendor/jcalderonzumba/gastonjs/src/Client/main.js 8510 1024 768 2>&1 >> /tmp/gastonjs.log &

Driver instantiation:

$driver = new Zumba\Mink\Driver\PhantomJSDriver('http://localhost:8510');


  1. Is this a selenium based driver?:

NO, it has nothing to do with Selenium it's inspired on Poltergeist

  1. What features does this driver implements?

ALL of the features defined in Mink DriverInterface. maximizeWindow is the only one not implemented since is a headless browser it does not make sense to implement it.

  1. Do i need to modify my selenium based tests?

If you only use the standard behat driver defined methods then NO, you just have to change your default javascript driver.


Copyright (c) 2015 Juan Francisco Calderon Zumba juanfcz@gmail.com