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Pimcore - CMS/CMF, MDM, PIM, DAM and E-Commerce

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Looking for the previous stable (version 4)?


Bug fixes: please create a pull request including a step by step description to reproduce the problem
Contribute features: contact the core-team on our Gitter channel before you start developing
Security vulnerabilities: please use this form

For details, please have a look at our contributing guide.


Technology and Architecture

Key Benefits and Advantages

⚒ Data Modelling and UI Design at the same Time

No matter if your're dealing with unstructured web documents or structured data for MDM/PIM, you define the UI design (web documents by a template and structured data with a intuitive graphical editor), Pimcore knows how to persist the data efficiently and optimized for fast access.

🎛 Agnostic and Universal Framework for your Data

Due to the framework approach, Pimcore is very flexible and adapts perfectly to your needs. Built on top of the well-known Symfony Framework you have a solid and modern foundation for your project.

🚀 Extensible and huge Symfony Community

Benefit from all existing Symfony Components and Bundles provided by the community or create your own Bundles to extend your Projects with reusable components.

💎 Your Digital World consolidated in one Platform

No more API, import/export and synchronization hell between MDM/PIM, E-Commerce, DAM, CRM and your Web-CMS. All is working seamlessly together, natively ... this is what Pimcore is built for.

✨️ Modern and Intuitive UI

We love good looking user interfaces, designed to be efficient for the daily use and optimized for a great experience for editors.

Preview and Demo

Pimcore Admin Interface Screenshot

Basic Demo (CMS)

Username: admin
Password: demo

Advanced Demo (MDM/PIM, E-Commerce, DAM, CMS, ...)

Username: admin
Password: demo

Getting Started

Only 3 commands to start! 😎

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer create-project pimcore/skeleton:dev-master ./my-project
cd ./my-project

This will install an empty skeleton application, but we're also offering 3 different demo packages for your convenience - of course also with 3 commands 💪 Click here for more installation options and a detailed guide

Copyright and License

Copyright: Pimcore GmbH
For licensing details please visit