This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the matomo/device-detector package instead.

The Universal Device Detection library, that parses User Agents and detects devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), clients (browsers, media players, mobile apps, feed readers, libraries, etc), operating systems, devices, brands and models.

6.3.2 2024-05-28 10:16 UTC


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The Universal Device Detection library that parses User Agents and Browser Client Hints to detect devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, tv, cars, console, etc.), clients (browsers, feed readers, media players, PIMs, ...), operating systems, brands and models.


Using DeviceDetector with composer is quite easy. Just add matomo/device-detector to your projects requirements.

composer require matomo/device-detector

And use some code like this one:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use DeviceDetector\ClientHints;
use DeviceDetector\DeviceDetector;
use DeviceDetector\Parser\Device\AbstractDeviceParser;

// OPTIONAL: Set version truncation to none, so full versions will be returned
// By default only minor versions will be returned (e.g. X.Y)
// for other options see VERSION_TRUNCATION_* constants in DeviceParserAbstract class

$userAgent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; // change this to the useragent you want to parse
$clientHints = ClientHints::factory($_SERVER); // client hints are optional

$dd = new DeviceDetector($userAgent, $clientHints);

// OPTIONAL: Set caching method
// By default static cache is used, which works best within one php process (memory array caching)
// To cache across requests use caching in files or memcache
// $dd->setCache(new Doctrine\Common\Cache\PhpFileCache('./tmp/'));

// OPTIONAL: Set custom yaml parser
// By default Spyc will be used for parsing yaml files. You can also use another yaml parser.
// You may need to implement the Yaml Parser facade if you want to use another parser than Spyc or [Symfony](https://github.com/symfony/yaml)
// $dd->setYamlParser(new DeviceDetector\Yaml\Symfony());

// OPTIONAL: If called, getBot() will only return true if a bot was detected  (speeds up detection a bit)
// $dd->discardBotInformation();

// OPTIONAL: If called, bot detection will completely be skipped (bots will be detected as regular devices then)
// $dd->skipBotDetection();


if ($dd->isBot()) {
  // handle bots,spiders,crawlers,...
  $botInfo = $dd->getBot();
} else {
  $clientInfo = $dd->getClient(); // holds information about browser, feed reader, media player, ...
  $osInfo = $dd->getOs();
  $device = $dd->getDeviceName();
  $brand = $dd->getBrandName();
  $model = $dd->getModel();

Methods check device type:


Methods check client type:


Get OS family:

use DeviceDetector\Parser\OperatingSystem;

$osFamily = OperatingSystem::getOsFamily($dd->getOs('name'));

Get browser family:

use DeviceDetector\Parser\Client\Browser;

$browserFamily = Browser::getBrowserFamily($dd->getClient('name'));

Instead of using the full power of DeviceDetector it might in some cases be better to use only specific parsers. If you aim to check if a given useragent is a bot and don't require any of the other information, you can directly use the bot parser.

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use DeviceDetector\Parser\Bot AS BotParser;

$botParser = new BotParser();

// OPTIONAL: discard bot information. parse() will then return true instead of information

$result = $botParser->parse();

if (!is_null($result)) {
    // do not do anything if a bot is detected

// handle non-bot requests

Using without composer

Alternatively to using composer you can also use the included autoload.php. This script will register an autoloader to dynamically load all classes in DeviceDetector namespace.

Device Detector requires a YAML parser. By default Spyc parser is used. As this library is not included you need to include it manually or use another YAML parser.


include_once 'path/to/spyc/Spyc.php';
include_once 'path/to/device-detector/autoload.php';

use DeviceDetector\ClientHints;
use DeviceDetector\DeviceDetector;
use DeviceDetector\Parser\Device\AbstractDeviceParser;

// OPTIONAL: Set version truncation to none, so full versions will be returned
// By default only minor versions will be returned (e.g. X.Y)
// for other options see VERSION_TRUNCATION_* constants in DeviceParserAbstract class

$userAgent = $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']; // change this to the useragent you want to parse
$clientHints = ClientHints::factory($_SERVER); // client hints are optional

$dd = new DeviceDetector($userAgent, $clientHints);

// ...


By default, DeviceDetector uses a built-in array cache. To get better performance, you can use your own caching solution:

// Example with PSR-6 and Symfony
$cache = new \Symfony\Component\Cache\Adapter\ApcuAdapter();
    new \DeviceDetector\Cache\PSR6Bridge($cache)

// Example with PSR-16 and ScrapBook
$cache = new \MatthiasMullie\Scrapbook\Psr16\SimpleCache(
    new \MatthiasMullie\Scrapbook\Adapters\Apc()
    new \DeviceDetector\Cache\PSR16Bridge($cache)

// Example with Doctrine
$cache = new \Doctrine\Common\Cache\ApcuCache();
    new \DeviceDetector\Cache\DoctrineBridge($cache)

// Example with Laravel
    new \DeviceDetector\Cache\LaravelCache()


Hacking the library

This is a free/libre library under license LGPL v3 or later.

Your pull requests and/or feedback is very welcome!

Listing all user agents from your logs

Sometimes it may be useful to generate the list of most used user agents on your website, extracting this list from your access logs using the following command:

zcat ~/path/to/access/logs* | awk -F'"' '{print $6}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head -n20000 > /home/matomo/top-user-agents.txt


Created by the Matomo team, Stefan Giehl, Matthieu Aubry, Michał Gaździk, Tomasz Majczak, Grzegorz Kaszuba, Piotr Banaszczyk and contributors.

Together we can build the best Device Detection library.

We are looking forward to your contributions and pull requests!


See also: QA at Matomo

Running tests

cd /path/to/device-detector
curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php
php composer.phar install

Device Detector for other languages

There are already a few ports of this tool to other languages:

Icon packs

If you are looking for icons to use alongside Device Detector, these repositories can be of use:

What Device Detector is able to detect

The lists below are auto generated and updated from time to time. Some of them might not be complete.

Last update: 2024/07/14

List of detected operating systems:

AIX, Android, Android TV, Alpine Linux, Amazon Linux, AmigaOS, Armadillo OS, AROS, tvOS, Arch Linux, AOSC OS, ASPLinux, BackTrack, Bada, Baidu Yi, BeOS, BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, Bliss OS, Brew, BrightSignOS, Caixa Mágica, CentOS, CentOS Stream, Clear Linux OS, ClearOS Mobile, Chrome OS, Chromium OS, China OS, CyanogenMod, Debian, Deepin, DragonFly, DVKBuntu, ElectroBSD, EulerOS, Fedora, Fenix, Firefox OS, Fire OS, Foresight Linux, Freebox, FreeBSD, FRITZ!OS, FydeOS, Fuchsia, Gentoo, GENIX, GEOS, gNewSense, GridOS, Google TV, HP-UX, Haiku OS, iPadOS, HarmonyOS, HasCodingOS, HELIX OS, IRIX, Inferno, Java ME, Joli OS, KaiOS, Kali, Kanotix, KIN OS, Knoppix, KreaTV, Kubuntu, GNU/Linux, LindowsOS, Linspire, Lineage OS, Liri OS, Loongnix, Lubuntu, Lumin OS, LuneOS, VectorLinux, Mac, Maemo, Mageia, Mandriva, MeeGo, MocorDroid, moonOS, Motorola EZX, Mint, MildWild, MorphOS, NetBSD, MTK / Nucleus, MRE, NeXTSTEP, NEWS-OS, Nintendo, Nintendo Mobile, Nova, OS/2, OSF1, OpenBSD, OpenVMS, OpenVZ, OpenWrt, Opera TV, Oracle Linux, Ordissimo, Pardus, PCLinuxOS, PICO OS, Plasma Mobile, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation, Proxmox VE, PureOS, Qtopia, Raspberry Pi OS, Raspbian, Red Hat, Red Star, RedOS, Revenge OS, RISC OS, Rocky Linux, Roku OS, Rosa, RouterOS, Remix OS, Resurrection Remix OS, REX, RazoDroiD, Sabayon, SUSE, Sailfish OS, Scientific Linux, SeewoOS, SerenityOS, Sirin OS, Slackware, Solaris, Star-Blade OS, Syllable, Symbian, Symbian OS, Symbian OS Series 40, Symbian OS Series 60, Symbian^3, TencentOS, ThreadX, Tizen, TiVo OS, TmaxOS, Turbolinux, Ubuntu, ULTRIX, UOS, VIDAA, watchOS, Wear OS, WebTV, Whale OS, Windows, Windows CE, Windows IoT, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows RT, WoPhone, Xbox, Xubuntu, YunOS, Zenwalk, ZorinOS, iOS, palmOS, Webian, webOS

List of detected browsers:

Via, Pure Mini Browser, Pure Lite Browser, Raise Fast Browser, Rabbit Private Browser, Fast Browser UC Lite, Fast Explorer, Lightning Browser, Cake Browser, IE Browser Fast, Vegas Browser, OH Browser, OH Private Browser, XBrowser Mini, Sharkee Browser, Lark Browser, Pluma, Anka Browser, Azka Browser, Dragon Browser, Easy Browser, Dark Web Browser, Dark Browser, 18+ Privacy Browser, 115 Browser, 1DM Browser, 1DM+ Browser, 2345 Browser, 360 Secure Browser, 360 Phone Browser, 7654 Browser, Avant Browser, ABrowse, Acoo Browser, AdBlock Browser, Adult Browser, Airfind Secure Browser, ANT Fresco, ANTGalio, Aloha Browser, Aloha Browser Lite, ALVA, Amaya, Amaze Browser, Amerigo, Amigo, Android Browser, AOL Explorer, AOL Desktop, AOL Shield, AOL Shield Pro, Aplix, AppBrowzer, APUS Browser, Arora, Arctic Fox, Amiga Voyager, Amiga Aweb, APN Browser, Arachne, Arc, Arvin, Ask.com, Asus Browser, Atom, Atomic Web Browser, Atlas, Avast Secure Browser, AVG Secure Browser, Avira Secure Browser, AwoX, Awesomium, Basic Web Browser, Beaker Browser, Beamrise, BF Browser, BlackBerry Browser, Bluefy, BrowseHere, Browser Hup Pro, Baidu Browser, Baidu Spark, Bang, Bangla Browser, Basilisk, Belva Browser, Beyond Private Browser, Beonex, Berry Browser, Bitchute Browser, BizBrowser, BlackHawk, Bloket, Bunjalloo, B-Line, Black Lion Browser, Blue Browser, Bonsai, Borealis Navigator, Brave, BriskBard, BroKeep Browser, Browspeed Browser, BrowseX, Browzar, Browlser, BrowsBit, Biyubi, Byffox, BXE Browser, Camino, Catalyst, Catsxp, Cave Browser, CCleaner, CG Browser, ChanjetCloud, Chedot, Cherry Browser, Centaury, Cliqz, Coc Coc, CoolBrowser, Colibri, Columbus Browser, Comodo Dragon, Coast, Charon, CM Browser, CM Mini, Chrome Frame, Headless Chrome, Chrome, Chrome Mobile iOS, Conkeror, Chrome Mobile, Chowbo, Classilla, CoolNovo, Colom Browser, CometBird, Comfort Browser, COS Browser, Cornowser, Chim Lac, ChromePlus, Chromium, Chromium GOST, Cyberfox, Cheshire, Crow Browser, Crusta, Craving Explorer, Crazy Browser, Cunaguaro, Chrome Webview, CyBrowser, dbrowser, Peeps dBrowser, Dark Web, Dark Web Private, Debuggable Browser, Decentr, Deepnet Explorer, deg-degan, Deledao, Delta Browser, Desi Browser, DeskBrowse, Dezor, Diigo Browser, DoCoMo, Dolphin, Dolphin Zero, Dorado, Dot Browser, Dooble, Dillo, DUC Browser, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, East Browser, Ecosia, Edge WebView, Every Browser, Epic, Elinks, EinkBro, Element Browser, Elements Browser, Eolie, Explore Browser, eZ Browser, EudoraWeb, EUI Browser, GNOME Web, G Browser, Espial TV Browser, fGet, Falkon, Faux Browser, Fire Browser, Fiery Browser, Firefox Mobile iOS, Firebird, Fluid, Fennec, Firefox, Firefox Focus, Firefox Reality, Firefox Rocket, Firefox Klar, Float Browser, Flock, Floorp, Flow, Flow Browser, Firefox Mobile, Fireweb, Fireweb Navigator, Flash Browser, Flast, Flyperlink, FreeU, Freedom Browser, Frost, Frost+, Fulldive, Galeon, Gener8, Ghostery Privacy Browser, GinxDroid Browser, Glass Browser, Godzilla Browser, Good Browser, Google Earth, Google Earth Pro, GOG Galaxy, GoBrowser, GoKu, GO Browser, GreenBrowser, Habit Browser, Harman Browser, HasBrowser, Hawk Turbo Browser, Hawk Quick Browser, Helio, Hexa Web Browser, Hi Browser, hola! Browser, Holla Web Browser, HotBrowser, HotJava, HTC Browser, Huawei Browser Mobile, Huawei Browser, HUB Browser, iBrowser, iBrowser Mini, IBrowse, iDesktop PC Browser, iCab, iCab Mobile, iNet Browser, Iridium, Iron Mobile, IceCat, IceDragon, Isivioo, IVVI Browser, Iceweasel, Impervious Browser, Incognito Browser, Inspect Browser, Insta Browser, Internet Explorer, Internet Browser Secure, Intune Managed Browser, Indian UC Mini Browser, InBrowser, Involta Go, IE Mobile, Iron, Japan Browser, Jasmine, JavaFX, Jelly, Jig Browser, Jig Browser Plus, JioSphere, JUZI Browser, K.Browser, Keepsafe Browser, Kids Safe Browser, Kindle Browser, K-meleon, K-Ninja, Konqueror, Kapiko, Keyboard Browser, Kinza, Kitt, Kiwi, Kode Browser, KUN, KUTO Mini Browser, Kylo, Kazehakase, Cheetah Browser, Ladybird, Lagatos Browser, Legan Browser, Lexi Browser, Lenovo Browser, LieBaoFast, LG Browser, Light, Lightning Browser Plus, Lilo, Links, Liri Browser, LogicUI TV Browser, Lolifox, Lotus, Lovense Browser, LT Browser, LuaKit, LUJO TV Browser, Lulumi, Lunascape, Lunascape Lite, Lynx, Lynket Browser, Mandarin, MarsLab Web Browser, MaxBrowser, mCent, MicroB, NCSA Mosaic, Meizu Browser, Mercury, Me Browser, Mobile Safari, Midori, Midori Lite, MixerBox AI, Mobicip, MIUI Browser, Mobile Silk, Mogok Browser, Motorola Internet Browser, Minimo, Mint Browser, Maxthon, MaxTube Browser, Maelstrom, Mmx Browser, MxNitro, Mypal, Monument Browser, MAUI WAP Browser, Naenara Browser, Navigateur Web, Naked Browser, Naked Browser Pro, NFS Browser, Ninetails, Nokia Browser, Nokia OSS Browser, Nokia Ovi Browser, Norton Private Browser, Nox Browser, NOMone VR Browser, NOOK Browser, NetSurf, NetFront, NetFront Life, NetPositive, Netscape, NextWord Browser, NTENT Browser, Nuanti Meta, Nuviu, Ocean Browser, Oculus Browser, Odd Browser, Opera Mini iOS, Obigo, Odin, Odin Browser, OceanHero, Odyssey Web Browser, Off By One, Office Browser, OhHai Browser, OnBrowser Lite, ONE Browser, Onion Browser, Opera Crypto, Opera GX, Opera Neon, Opera Devices, Opera Mini, Opera Mobile, Opera, Opera Next, Opera Touch, Orbitum, Orca, Ordissimo, Oregano, Origin In-Game Overlay, Origyn Web Browser, OrNET Browser, Openwave Mobile Browser, OpenFin, Open Browser, Open Browser 4U, Open Browser fast 5G, Open TV Browser, OmniWeb, Otter Browser, Owl Browser, Palm Blazer, Pale Moon, Polypane, Prism, Oppo Browser, Opus Browser, Palm Pre, Puffin, Puffin Web Browser, Palm WebPro, Palmscape, Pawxy, Perfect Browser, Phantom.me, Phantom Browser, Phoenix, Phoenix Browser, Photon, PirateBrowser, PICO Browser, PlayFree Browser, PocketBook Browser, Polaris, Polarity, PolyBrowser, PrivacyWall, Privacy Explorer Fast Safe, Private Internet Browser, Proxy Browser, Proxyium, Proxynet, Pi Browser, PronHub Browser, PSI Secure Browser, Reqwireless WebViewer, Roccat, Microsoft Edge, Qazweb, Qiyu, QJY TV Browser, Qmamu, Quick Search TV, QQ Browser Lite, QQ Browser Mini, QQ Browser, Quick Browser, Qutebrowser, Quark, QupZilla, Qwant Mobile, QtWebEngine, Rakuten Browser, Rakuten Web Search, Raspbian Chromium, Realme Browser, Rekonq, RockMelt, Roku Browser, Samsung Browser, Samsung Browser Lite, Sailfish Browser, SberBrowser, Seewo Browser, SEMC-Browser, Sogou Explorer, Sogou Mobile Browser, SOTI Surf, Soul Browser, Soundy Browser, Safari, Safari Technology Preview, Safe Exam Browser, SalamWeb, Savannah Browser, SavySoda, Secure Browser, SFive, Shiira, Sidekick, SimpleBrowser, SilverMob US, Sizzy, Skye, Skyfire, SkyLeap, Seraphic Sraf, SiteKiosk, Sleipnir, SlimBoat, Slimjet, SP Browser, Sony Small Browser, Secure Private Browser, SecureX, Stampy Browser, 7Star, Smart Browser, Smart Search & Web Browser, Smart Lenovo Browser, Smooz, Snowshoe, Spectre Browser, Splash, Sputnik Browser, Sunrise, Sunflower Browser, SuperBird, Super Fast Browser, SuperFast Browser, Sushi Browser, surf, Surf Browser, Surfy Browser, Stargon, START Internet Browser, Stealth Browser, Steam In-Game Overlay, Streamy, Swiftfox, Swiftweasel, Seznam Browser, Sweet Browser, SX Browser, T+Browser, T-Browser, t-online.de Browser, TalkTo, Tao Browser, tararia, Thor, Tor Browser, TenFourFox, Tenta Browser, Tesla Browser, Tizen Browser, Tint Browser, TrueLocation Browser, TUC Mini Browser, Tungsten, ToGate, TweakStyle, TV Bro, U Browser, UBrowser, UC Browser, UC Browser HD, UC Browser Mini, UC Browser Turbo, Ui Browser Mini, UPhone Browser, UR Browser, Uzbl, Ume Browser, vBrowser, Vast Browser, VD Browser, Venus Browser, Vewd Browser, VibeMate, Nova Video Downloader Pro, Viasat Browser, Vivaldi, vivo Browser, Vivid Browser Mini, Vision Mobile Browser, Vertex Surf, VMware AirWatch, VMS Mosaic, Vonkeror, Vuhuv, Wear Internet Browser, Web Explorer, Web Browser & Explorer, Webian Shell, WebDiscover, WebPositive, Weltweitimnetz Browser, Wexond, Waterfox, Wave Browser, Wavebox, Whale Browser, wOSBrowser, w3m, WeTab Browser, World Browser, Wolvic, Wukong Browser, Wyzo, YAGI, Yahoo! Japan Browser, Yandex Browser, Yandex Browser Lite, Yaani Browser, Yo Browser, Yolo Browser, YouCare, YouBrowser, Yuzu Browser, xBrowser, X Browser Lite, X-VPN, xBrowser Pro Super Fast, XNX Browser, XtremeCast, xStand, Xiino, Xooloo Internet, Xvast, Zetakey, Zvu, Zirco Browser, Zordo Browser, ZTE Browser

List of detected browser engines:

WebKit, Blink, Trident, Text-based, Dillo, iCab, Elektra, Presto, Clecko, Gecko, KHTML, NetFront, Edge, NetSurf, Servo, Goanna, EkiohFlow, Arachne, LibWeb

List of detected libraries:

aiohttp, Akka HTTP, Android License Verification Library, AnyEvent HTTP, Apache HTTP Client, Aria2, Artifactory, Axios, Azure Data Factory, Babashka HTTP Client, Boto3, Buildah, BuildKit, C++ REST SDK, CakePHP, CarrierWave, Containerd, containers, cPanel HTTP Client, cpp-httplib, cri-o, curl, Dart, Deno, docker, Down, Electron Fetch, Emacs, Embarcadero URI Client, ESP32 HTTP Client, Faraday, fasthttp, ffmpeg, FFUF, FileDownloader, Free Download Manager, GeoIP Update, git-annex, go-container registry, Go-http-client, Google HTTP Java Client, got, GRequests, gRPC-Java, GStreamer, Guzzle (PHP HTTP Client), gvfs, hackney, Harbor registry client, Helm, HTML Parser, http.rb, HTTP:Tiny, HTTPie, httplib2, httprs, HTTPX, HTTP_Request2, ICAP Client, Insomnia REST Client, iOS Application, IPinfo, Jakarta Commons HttpClient, Java, Java HTTP Client, jsdom, KaiOS Downloader, Kiwi TCMS, Kiwi TCMS API, libdnf, libpod, libsoup, Libsyn, LUA OpenResty NGINX, Mandrill PHP, Mechanize, Mikrotik Fetch, Msray-Plus, Node Fetch, OKDownload Library, OkHttp, Open Build Service, Pa11y, Perl, Perl REST::Client, PHP cURL Class, Podgrab, Postman Desktop, PRDownloader, Python Requests, Python urllib, QbHttp, quic-go, r-curl, Radio Downloader, ReactorNetty, req, request, Requests, reqwest, REST Client for Ruby, RestSharp, Resty, resty-requests, ruby, Safari View Service, ScalaJ HTTP, Skopeo, SlimerJS, Slim Framework, Stealer, superagent, Symfony, Typhoeus, uclient-fetch, Ultimate Sitemap Parser, undici, Unirest for Java, urlgrabber (yum), uTorrent, Wget, Windows HTTP, WinHttp WinHttpRequest, WWW-Mechanize, XML-RPC

List of detected media players:

Alexa, Amarok, Audacious, Banshee, Boxee, Clementine, Deezer, DIGA, Downcast, FlyCast, Foobar2000, foobar2000, Google Podcasts, HTC Streaming Player, Hubhopper, iTunes, JHelioviewer, JRiver Media Center, Juice, Just Audio, Kasts, Kodi, MediaMonkey, Miro, MixerBox, MPlayer, mpv, MusicBee, Music Player Daemon, NexPlayer, Nightingale, QuickTime, Songbird, SONOS, Sony Media Go, Stagefright, StudioDisplay, SubStream, VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player, XBMC, Xtream Player, YouView

List of detected mobile apps:

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List of detected PIMs (personal information manager):

Airmail, Apple Mail, Barca, Basecamp, BathyScaphe, BlueMail, DAVdroid, eM Client, Evernote, Foxmail, Franz, Gmail, JaneView, Live5ch, Lotus Notes, mailapp, MailBar, Mailbird, Mail Master, Mailspring, Microsoft Outlook, NAVER Mail, Notion, Outlook Express, Postbox, Raindrop.io, Rambox Pro, SeaMonkey, Spicebird, The Bat!, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo Mail

List of detected feed readers:

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List of brands with detected devices:

2E, 3GNET, 3GO, 3Q, 4Good, 4ife, 5IVE, 7 Mobile, 10moons, 360, 8848, A&K, A1, A95X, AAUW, Accent, Accesstyle, Ace, Aceline, Acer, Acteck, actiMirror, Adronix, Advan, Advance, Advantage Air, AEEZO, AFFIX, AfriOne, AGM, AG Mobile, AIDATA, Ainol, Airis, Airness, AIRON, Airpha, Airtel, Airties, AirTouch, AIS, Aiuto, Aiwa, Ajib, Akai, AKIRA, Alba, Alcatel, Alcor, ALDI NORD, ALDI SÜD, Alfawise, Alienware, Aligator, AllCall, AllDocube, ALLINmobile, Allview, Allwinner, Alps, Altech UEC, Altice, Altimo, altron, Altus, AMA, Amazon, Amazon Basics, AMCV, AMGOO, Amigoo, Amino, Amoi, ANBERNIC, Andowl, Angelcare, AngelTech, Anker, Anry, ANS, ANXONIT, AOC, Aocos, Aocwei, AOpen, Aoro, Aoson, AOYODKG, Apple, Aquarius, Archos, Arian Space, Arival, Ark, ArmPhone, Arnova, ARRIS, Artel, Artizlee, ArtLine, Arçelik, Asano, Asanzo, Ask, Aspera, ASSE, Assistant, Astro, Asus, AT&T, Athesi, Atlantic Electrics, Atmaca Elektronik, ATMAN, ATOL, Atom, Atozee, Attila, Atvio, Audiovox, AUPO, AURIS, Autan, AUX, Avaya, Avenzo, AVH, Avvio, Awow, AWOX, AXEN, Axioo, AXXA, Axxion, AYA, AYYA, Azeyou, Azumi Mobile, b2m, Backcell, BAFF, BangOlufsen, Barnes & Noble, BARTEC, BASE, BAUHN, BBK, BB Mobile, BDF, BDQ, BDsharing, Beafon, Becker, Beeline, Beelink, Beetel, Beista, Beko, Bellphone, Benco, Benesse, BenQ, BenQ-Siemens, BenWee, Benzo, Beyond, Bezkam, BGH, Bigben, BIHEE, BilimLand, Billion, Billow, BioRugged, Bird, Bitel, Bitmore, Bittium, Bkav, Black Bear, Black Box, Black Fox, Blackpcs, Blackview, Blaupunkt, Bleck, BLISS, Blloc, Blow, Blu, Bluboo, Bluebird, Bluedot, Bluegood, BlueSky, Bluewave, BluSlate, BMAX, Bmobile, BMW, BMXC, Bobarry, bogo, Bolva, Bookeen, Boost, Botech, Boway, bq, BrandCode, Brandt, BRAVE, Bravis, BrightSign, Brigmton, Brondi, BROR, BS Mobile, Bubblegum, Bundy, Bush, BuzzTV, BYYBUO, C5 Mobile, CADENA, CAGI, Camfone, Canal+, Canal Digital, Canguro, Capitel, Captiva, Carbon Mobile, Carrefour, Casio, Casper, Cat, Cavion, CCIT, Cecotec, Ceibal, Celcus, Celkon, Cell-C, Cellacom, CellAllure, Cellution, CENTEK, Centric, CEPTER, CG Mobile, CGV, Chainway, Changhong, Cherry Mobile, Chico Mobile, ChiliGreen, China Mobile, China Telecom, Chuwi, C Idea, CipherLab, Citycall, CKK Mobile, Claresta, Clarmin, CLAYTON, ClearPHONE, Clementoni, Cloud, Cloudfone, Cloudpad, Clout, Clovertek, CnM, Cobalt, Coby Kyros, Colors, Comio, Compal, Compaq, COMPUMAX, ComTrade Tesla, Conceptum, Concord, ConCorde, Condor, Connectce, Connex, Conquest, Continental Edison, Contixo, COOD-E, Coolpad, Coopers, CORN, Cosmote, Covia, Cowon, COYOTE, CreNova, Crescent, Cricket, Crius Mea, Crony, Crosscall, Crown, Ctroniq, Cube, CUBOT, Cuiud, CVTE, Cwowdefu, Cyrus, D-Link, D-Tech, Daewoo, Danew, DangcapHD, Dany, Daria, DASS, Datalogic, Datamini, Datang, Datawind, Datsun, Dazen, DbPhone, Dbtel, Dcode, DEALDIG, Dell, Denali, Denver, Desay, DeWalt, DEXP, DEYI, DF, DGTEC, DIALN, Dialog, Dicam, Digi, Digicel, DIGICOM, Digidragon, DIGIFORS, Digihome, Digiland, Digit4G, Digma, DIJITSU, DIKOM, DIMO, Dinalink, Dinax, DING DING, DIORA, DISH, Disney, Ditecma, Diva, DiverMax, Divisat, DIXON, DL, DMM, DNS, DoCoMo, Doffler, Dolamee, Dom.ru, Doogee, Doopro, Doov, Dopod, Doppio, DORLAND, Doro, DPA, DRAGON, Dragon Touch, Dreamgate, DreamStar, DreamTab, Droidlogic, Droxio, DSDevices, DSIC, Dtac, Dune HD, DUNNS Mobile, Durabook, Duubee, Dyon, E-Boda, E-Ceros, E-tel, Eagle, EagleSoar, EAS Electric, Easypix, EBEN, EBEST, Echo Mobiles, ecom, ECON, ECOO, ECS, Edenwood, EE, EFT, EGL, Einstein, EKINOX, EKO, Eks Mobility, EKT, ELARI, Elecson, Electroneum, ELECTRONIA, Elekta, Elektroland, Element, Elenberg, Elephone, Elevate, Elong Mobile, Eltex, Ematic, Emporia, ENACOM, Energizer, Energy Sistem, Engel, ENIE, Enot, eNOVA, Entity, Envizen, Ephone, Epic, Epik One, Epson, Equator, Ergo, Ericsson, Ericy, Erisson, Essential, Essentielb, eSTAR, ETOE, Eton, eTouch, Etuline, Eurocase, Eurostar, Evercoss, Everest, Everex, Evertek, Evolio, Evolveo, Evoo, EVPAD, EvroMedia, EWIS, EXCEED, Exmart, ExMobile, EXO, Explay, Express LUCK, ExtraLink, Extrem, Eyemoo, EYU, Ezio, Ezze, F&U, F+, F2 Mobile, F150, Facebook, Facetel, Facime, Fairphone, Famoco, Famous, Fantec, FaRao Pro, Farassoo, FarEasTone, Fengxiang, Fenoti, FEONAL, Fero, FFF SmartLife, Figgers, FiGi, FiGO, FiiO, Filimo, FILIX, FinePower, Finlux, FireFly Mobile, FISE, FITCO, Fluo, Fly, FLYCAT, FLYCOAY, FMT, FNB, FNF, Fobem, Fondi, Fonos, FOODO, FORME, Formuler, Forstar, Fortis, FOSSiBOT, Fourel, Four Mobile, Foxconn, FoxxD, FPT, free, Freetel, FreeYond, Frunsi, Fuego, Fujitsu, Funai, Fusion5, Future Mobile Technology, Fxtec, G-TiDE, G-Touch, Galactic, Galaxy Innovations, Gamma, Garmin-Asus, Gateway, Gazer, Geanee, Geant, Gear Mobile, Gemini, General Mobile, Genesis, GEOFOX, Geotel, Geotex, GEOZON, Getnord, GFive, Gfone, Ghia, Ghong, Ghost, Gigabyte, Gigaset, Gini, Ginzzu, Gionee, GIRASOLE, Globex, Globmall, Glofiish, GLONYX, GLX, GOCLEVER, Gocomma, GoGEN, GOLDBERG, GoldMaster, GoldStar, Gol Mobile, Goly, Gome, GoMobile, GOODTEL, Google, Goophone, Gooweel, Gplus, Gradiente, Graetz, Grape, Great Asia, Gree, Green Lion, Green Orange, Greentel, Gresso, Gretel, GroBerwert, Grundig, Gtel, GTMEDIA, GTX, Guophone, H96, H133, Hafury, Haier, Haipai, Hamlet, Hammer, Handheld, HannSpree, Hanseatic, HAOQIN, HAOVM, Hardkernel, Harper, Hartens, Hasee, Hathway, HDC, HeadWolf, HEC, Heimat, Helio, HERO, HexaByte, Hezire, Hi, Hi-Level, Hiberg, HiBy, High Q, Highscreen, HiGrace, HiHi, HiKing, HiMax, Hi Nova, HIPER, Hipstreet, Hiremco, Hisense, Hitachi, Hitech, HKC, HKPro, HLLO, HMD, HOFER, Hoffmann, HOLLEBERG, Homatics, Hometech, Homtom, Honeywell, HongTop, Hoozo, Horizon, Horizont, Hosin, Hotel, Hot Pepper, HOTREALS, Hotwav, How, HP, HTC, Huadoo, Huagan, Huavi, Huawei, Hugerock, Humax, Hurricane, Huskee, Hykker, Hyrican, Hytera, Hyundai, Hyve, i-Cherry, I-INN, i-Joy, i-mate, i-mobile, I-Plus, iBall, iBerry, ibowin, iBrit, IconBIT, iData, iDino, iDroid, iGet, iHunt, Ikea, IKI Mobile, iKoMo, iKon, iKonia, IKU Mobile, iLA, iLepo, iLife, iMan, Imaq, iMars, iMI, IMO Mobile, Imose, Impression, iMuz, iNavi, INCAR, Inch, Inco, iNew, Infiniton, Infinix, InFocus, InfoKit, Infomir, InFone, Inhon, Inka, Inkti, InnJoo, Innos, Innostream, Inoi, iNo Mobile, iNOVA, inovo, INQ, Insignia, INSYS, Intek, Intel, Intex, Invens, Inverto, Invin, iOcean, IOTWE, iOutdoor, iPEGTOP, iPro, iQ&T, IQM, IRA, Irbis, iReplace, Iris, iRobot, iRola, iRulu, iSafe Mobile, iStar, iSWAG, IT, iTel, iTruck, IUNI, iVA, iView, iVooMi, ivvi, iWaylink, iXTech, iYou, iZotron, JAY-Tech, Jedi, Jeep, Jeka, Jesy, JFone, Jiake, Jiayu, Jinga, Jin Tu, Jio, Jivi, JKL, Jolla, Joy, JoySurf, JPay, JREN, Jumper, Juniper Systems, Just5, JVC, JXD, K-Lite, K-Touch, Kaan, Kaiomy, Kalley, Kanji, Kapsys, Karbonn, Kata, KATV1, Kazam, Kazuna, KDDI, Kempler & Strauss, Kenbo, Kendo, Keneksi, KENSHI, Kenxinda, Khadas, Kiano, Kingbox, Kingstar, Kingsun, KINGZONE, Kinstone, Kiowa, Kivi, Klipad, KN Mobile, Kocaso, Kodak, Kogan, Komu, Konka, Konrow, Koobee, Koolnee, Kooper, KOPO, Koridy, Koslam, Kraft, KREZ, KRIP, KRONO, Krüger&Matz, KT-Tech, KUBO, KuGou, Kuliao, Kult, Kumai, Kurio, KVADRA, Kvant, Kydos, Kyocera, Kyowon, Kzen, KZG, L-Max, LAIQ, Land Rover, Landvo, Lanin, Lanix, Lark, Laurus, Lava, LCT, Leader Phone, Leagoo, Leben, LeBest, Lectrus, Ledstar, LeEco, Leelbox, Leff, Legend, Leke, Lemco, LEMFO, Lemhoov, Lenco, Lenovo, Leotec, Le Pan, Lephone, Lesia, Lexand, Lexibook, LG, Liberton, Lifemaxx, Lime, Lingbo, Lingwin, Linnex, Linsar, Linsay, Listo, LNMBBS, Loewe, Logic, Logic Instrument, Logicom, Logik, LOKMAT, Loview, Lovme, LPX-G, LT Mobile, Lumigon, Lumitel, Lumus, Luna, Luxor, Lville, LYF, M-Horse, M-Tech, M.T.T., M3 Mobile, M4tel, MAC AUDIO, Macoox, Mafe, MAG, MAGCH, Magicsee, Magnus, Majestic, Malata, Mango, Manhattan, Mann, Manta Multimedia, Mantra, Mara, Marshal, Mascom, Massgo, Masstel, Master-G, Mastertech, Matco Tools, Matrix, Maunfeld, Maxcom, Maxfone, Maximus, Maxtron, MAXVI, Maxwell, Maxwest, MAXX, Maze, Maze Speed, MBI, MBK, MBOX, MDC Store, MDTV, meanIT, Mecer, Mecool, Mediacom, MediaTek, Medion, MEEG, MegaFon, MEGA VISION, Meitu, Meizu, Melrose, MeMobile, Memup, MEO, Meta, Metz, MEU, MicroMax, Microsoft, Microtech, Minix, Mint, Mintt, Mio, Mione, mipo, Miray, Mitchell & Brown, Mito, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, MIVO, MIWANG, MIXC, MiXzo, MLAB, MLLED, MLS, MMI, Mobell, Mobicel, MobiIoT, Mobiistar, Mobile Kingdom, Mobiola, Mobistel, MobiWire, Mobo, Mobvoi, Modecom, Mofut, Mosimosi, Motiv, Motorola, Movic, MOVISUN, Movitel, Moxee, mPhone, Mpman, MSI, MStar, MTC, MTN, Multilaser, MultiPOS, MwalimuPlus, MYFON, MyGica, MygPad, Mymaga, MyMobile, MyPhone, Myria, Myros, Mystery, MyTab, MyWigo, N-one, Nabi, NABO, Nanho, Naomi Phone, NASCO, National, Navcity, Navitech, Navitel, Navon, NavRoad, NEC, Necnot, Nedaphone, Neffos, NEKO, Neo, neoCore, Neolix, Neomi, Neon IQ, Neoregent, NetBox, Netgear, Netmak, NETWIT, NeuImage, NeuTab, NEVIR, New Balance, New Bridge, Newgen, Newland, Newman, Newsday, NewsMy, Nexa, NEXBOX, Nexian, NEXON, NEXT, Next & NextStar, Nextbit, NextBook, NextTab, NGM, NG Optics, NGpon, Nikon, NINETEC, Nintendo, nJoy, NOA, Noain, Nobby, Noblex, NOBUX, noDROPOUT, NOGA, Nokia, Nomi, Nomu, Noontec, Nordmende, NORMANDE, NorthTech, Nos, Nothing Phone, Nous, Novacom, Novex, Novey, NoviSea, NOVO, NTT West, NuAns, Nubia, NUU Mobile, NuVision, Nuvo, Nvidia, NYX Mobile, O+, O2, Oale, Oangcc, OASYS, Obabox, Ober, Obi, OCEANIC, Odotpad, Odys, OINOM, Ok, Okapia, Oking, OKSI, OKWU, Olax, Olkya, Ollee, OLTO, Olympia, OMIX, Onda, OneClick, OneLern, OnePlus, Onida, Onix, Onkyo, ONN, ONVO, ONYX BOOX, Ookee, Ooredoo, OpelMobile, Openbox, Ophone, OPPO, Opsson, Optoma, Orange, Orange Pi, Orava, Orbic, Orbita, Orbsmart, Ordissimo, Orion, OSCAL, OTTO, OUJIA, Ouki, Oukitel, OUYA, Overmax, Ovvi, Owwo, OYSIN, Oysters, Oyyu, OzoneHD, P-UP, Pacific Research Alliance, Packard Bell, Padpro, PAGRAER, Paladin, Palm, Panacom, Panasonic, Panavox, Pano, Panodic, Panoramic, Pantech, PAPYRE, Parrot Mobile, Partner Mobile, PCBOX, PCD, PCD Argentina, PC Smart, PEAQ, Pelitt, Pendoo, Penta, Pentagram, Perfeo, Phicomm, Philco, Philips, Phonemax, phoneOne, Pico, PINE, Pioneer, Pioneer Computers, PiPO, PIRANHA, Pixela, Pixelphone, Pixus, Planet Computers, Platoon, Play Now, Ployer, Plum, PlusStyle, Pluzz, PocketBook, POCO, Point Mobile, Point of View, Polar, PolarLine, Polaroid, Polestar, PolyPad, Polytron, Pomp, Poppox, POPTEL, Porsche, Positivo, Positivo BGH, PPTV, Premier, Premio, Prestigio, PRIME, Primepad, Primux, Pritom, Prixton, PROFiLO, Proline, Prology, ProScan, PROSONIC, Protruly, ProVision, PULID, Punos, Purism, Q-Box, Q-Touch, Q.Bell, QFX, Qilive, QIN, QLink, QMobile, Qnet Mobile, QTECH, Qtek, Quantum, Quatro, Qubo, Quechua, Quest, Quipus, Qumo, Qware, QWATT, R-TV, Rakuten, Ramos, Raspberry, Ravoz, Raylandz, Razer, RCA Tablets, Reach, Readboy, Realme, RED, Redbean, Redfox, RedLine, Redway, Reeder, REGAL, RelNAT, Relndoo, Remdun, Renova, rephone, Retroid Pocket, Revo, Revomovil, Rhino, Ricoh, Rikomagic, RIM, Rinno, Ritmix, Ritzviva, Riviera, Rivo, Rizzen, ROADMAX, Roadrover, Roam Cat, Rocket, ROiK, Rokit, Roku, Rombica, Ross&Moor, Rover, RoverPad, Royole, RoyQueen, RT Project, RugGear, RuggeTech, Ruggex, Ruio, Runbo, Rupa, Ryte, S-Color, S-TELL, S2Tel, Saba, Safaricom, Sagem, Sagemcom, Saiet, SAILF, Salora, Samsung, Samtech, Samtron, Sanei, Sankey, Sansui, Santin, SANY, Sanyo, Savio, Sber, SCBC, Schneider, Schok, Scoole, Scosmos, Seatel, SEBBE, Seeken, SEEWO, SEG, Sega, SEHMAX, Selecline, Selenga, Selevision, Selfix, SEMP TCL, Sencor, Sendo, Senkatel, Senseit, Senwa, Seuic, Sewoo, SFR, SGIN, Shanling, Sharp, Shift Phones, Shivaki, Shtrikh-M, Shuttle, Sico, Siemens, Sigma, Silelis, Silent Circle, Silva Schneider, Simbans, simfer, Simply, Singtech, Siragon, Sirin Labs, SK Broadband, SKG, SKK Mobile, Sky, Skyline, SkyStream, Skytech, Skyworth, Smadl, Smailo, Smart, Smartab, SmartBook, SMARTEC, Smart Electronic, Smartex, Smartfren, Smartisan, Smart Kassel, Smarty, Smooth Mobile, Smotreshka, SMUX, SNAMI, SobieTech, Soda, Softbank, Soho Style, Solas, SOLE, SOLO, Solone, Sonim, SONOS, Sony, Sony Ericsson, SOSH, SoulLink, Soundmax, Soyes, Spark, Sparx, SPC, Spectralink, Spectrum, Spice, Sprint, SPURT, SQOOL, SSKY, Star, Starlight, Starmobile, Starway, Starwind, STF Mobile, STG Telecom, STK, Stonex, Storex, StrawBerry, Stream, STRONG, Stylo, Subor, Sugar, Sumvision, Sunmax, Sunmi, Sunny, Sunstech, SunVan, Sunvell, SUNWIND, SuperBOX, Super General, SuperSonic, SuperTab, Supra, Supraim, Surfans, Surge, Suzuki, Sveon, Swipe, SWISSMOBILITY, Swisstone, Switel, Syco, SYH, Sylvania, Symphony, Syrox, System76, T-Mobile, T96, TADAAM, TAG Tech, Taiga System, Takara, Talius, Tambo, Tanix, TAUBE, TB Touch, TCL, TD Systems, TD Tech, TeachTouch, Technicolor, Technika, TechniSat, Technopc, TECHNOSAT, TechnoTrend, TechPad, TechSmart, Techstorm, Techwood, Teclast, Tecno Mobile, TecToy, TEENO, Teknosa, Tele2, Telefunken, Telego, Telenor, Telia, Telit, Telkom, Telly, Telma, TeloSystems, Telpo, TENPLUS, Teracube, Tesco, Tesla, TETC, Tetratab, teXet, ThL, Thomson, Thuraya, TIANYU, Tibuta, Tigers, Time2, Timovi, TIMvision, Tinai, Tinmo, TiPhone, TiVo, TJC, TJD, TOKYO, Tolino, Tone, TOOGO, Tooky, TopDevice, TOPDON, Topelotek, Top House, Toplux, TOPSHOWS, Topsion, Topway, Torex, Torque, TOSCIDO, Toshiba, Touchmate, Touch Plus, TOX, TPS, Transpeed, TrekStor, Trevi, TriaPlay, Trident, Trifone, Trio, Tronsmart, True, True Slim, Tsinghua Tongfang, TTEC, TTfone, TTK-TV, TuCEL, Tunisie Telecom, Turbo, Turbo-X, TurboKids, TurboPad, Turkcell, Tuvio, TVC, TwinMOS, TWM, Twoe, TWZ, TYD, Tymes, Türk Telekom, U-Magic, U.S. Cellular, UD, UE, UGINE, Ugoos, Uhans, Uhappy, Ulefone, Umax, UMIDIGI, Unblock Tech, Uniden, Unihertz, Unimax, Uniqcell, Uniscope, Unistrong, Unitech, UNIWA, Unknown, Unnecto, Unnion Technologies, UNNO, Unonu, Unowhy, UOOGOU, Urovo, UTime, UTOK, UTStarcom, UZ Mobile, V-Gen, V-HOME, V-HOPE, v-mobile, VAIO, VALE, VALEM, VALTECH, VANGUARD, Vankyo, VANWIN, Vargo, Vastking, VAVA, VC, VDVD, Vega, Vekta, Venso, Venstar, Venturer, VEON, Verico, Verizon, Vernee, Verssed, Versus, Vertex, Vertu, Verykool, Vesta, Vestel, VETAS, Vexia, VGO TEL, ViBox, Victurio, VIDA, Videocon, Videoweb, ViewSonic, VIIPOO, VIKUSHA, VILLAON, Vinabox, Vinga, Vinsoc, Vios, Viper, Vipro, Virzo, Vision Touch, Visual Land, Vitelcom, Vityaz, Viumee, Vivax, VIVIMAGE, Vivo, VIWA, Vizio, Vizmo, VK Mobile, VKworld, VNPT Technology, VOCAL, Vodacom, Vodafone, VOGA, VOLIA, VOLKANO, Volla, Volt, Vonino, Vontar, Vorago, Vorcom, Vorke, Vormor, Vortex, Voto, VOX, Voxtel, Voyo, Vsmart, Vsun, VUCATIMES, Vue Micro, Vulcan, VVETIME, Völfen, W&O, WAF, Wainyok, Walker, Walton, Waltter, Wanmukang, WANSA, WE, We. by Loewe., Webfleet, Web TV, WeChip, Wecool, Weelikeit, Weimei, WellcoM, WELLINGTON, Western Digital, Westpoint, Wexler, White Mobile, Whoop, Wieppo, Wigor, Wiko, Wileyfox, Winds, Wink, Winmax, Winnovo, Winstar, Wintouch, Wiseasy, WIWA, WizarPos, Wizz, Wolder, Wolfgang, Wolki, WONDER, Wonu, Woo, Wortmann, Woxter, WS, X-AGE, X-BO, X-Mobile, X-TIGI, X-View, X.Vision, X88, X96, X96Q, Xcell, XCOM, Xcruiser, XElectron, XGEM, XGIMI, Xgody, Xiaodu, Xiaolajiao, Xiaomi, Xion, Xolo, Xoro, Xshitou, Xsmart, Xtouch, Xtratech, Xwave, XY Auto, Yandex, Yarvik, YASIN, YELLYOUTH, YEPEN, Yes, Yestel, Yezz, Yoka TV, Yooz, Yota, YOTOPT, Youin, Youwei, Ytone, Yu, Yuandao, YU Fly, YUHO, YUMKEM, YUNDOO, Yuno, YunSong, Yusun, Yxtel, Z-Kai, Zaith, Zamolxe, Zatec, Zealot, Zeblaze, Zebra, Zeeker, Zeemi, Zen, Zenek, Zentality, Zfiner, ZH&K, Zidoo, ZIFRO, Zigo, ZIK, Zinox, Ziox, Zonda, Zonko, Zoom, ZoomSmart, Zopo, ZTE, Zuum, Zync, ZYQ, Zyrex, öwn

List of detected bots:

2GDPR, 2ip, 360 Monitoring, 360JK, 360Spider, Abonti, Aboundexbot, AccompanyBot, Acoon, AdAuth, Adbeat, AddThis.com, ADMantX, ADmantX Service Fetcher, Adsbot, Adscanner, AdsTxtCrawler, AdsTxtCrawlerTP, adstxtlab.com, Aegis, aHrefs Bot, AhrefsSiteAudit, aiHitBot, Alexa Crawler, Alexa Site Audit, Allloadin Favicon Bot, AlltheWeb, Amazon AdBot, Amazon Bot, Amazon ELB, Amazon Route53 Health Check, Amorank Spider, Analytics SEO Crawler, Ant, Anthropic AI, ApacheBench, Applebot, AppSignalBot, Arachni, archive.org bot, ArchiveBot, ArchiveBox, Arquivo.pt, ARSNova Filter System, Asana, Ask Jeeves, AspiegelBot, Automattic Analytics, Awario, Backlink-Check.de, BacklinkCrawler, BackupLand, Baidu Spider, Barkrowler, Barracuda Sentinel, BazQux Reader, BBC Forge URL Monitor, BBC Page Monitor, BDCbot, BDFetch, Better Uptime Bot, BingBot, Birdcrawlerbot, BitlyBot, BitSight, Blekkobot, BLEXBot Crawler, Bloglovin, Blogtrottr, BoardReader, BoardReader Blog Indexer, Botify, Bountii Bot, BrandVerity, BrightBot, BrightEdge, Browsershots, BUbiNG, Buck, BuiltWith, Butterfly Robot, Bytespider, CareerBot, Castopod, Castro 2, Catchpoint, CATExplorador, ccBot crawler, CensysInspect, Charlotte, Chartable, ChatGPT, CheckHost, CheckMark Network, Choosito, Chrome Privacy Preserving Prefetch Proxy, Cincraw, CISPA Web Analyzer, ClaudeBot, Clickagy, Cliqzbot, CloudFlare Always Online, CloudFlare AMP Fetcher, Cloudflare Custom Hostname Verification, Cloudflare Diagnostics, Cloudflare Health Checks, Cloudflare Observatory, Cloudflare Security Insights, Cloudflare Smart Transit, Cloudflare SSL Detector, Cloudflare Traffic Manager, Cocolyzebot, Cohere AI, Collectd, colly, CommaFeed, COMODO DCV, Comscore, ContentKing, Cookiebot, Crawldad, Crawlson, Crawly Project, CriteoBot, CrowdTangle, CSS Certificate Spider, CSSCheck, Cyberscan, Cypress, Cốc Cốc Bot, DaspeedBot, Datadog Agent, DataForSeoBot, datagnionbot, Datanyze, Dataprovider, DataXu, Daum, Dazoobot, Deepfield Genome, deepnoc, Deep SEARCH 9, 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