Provides two-factor authentication for Symfony applications

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This bundle provides two-factor authentication for your Symfony application.

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ℹ️ The repository contains bundle versions 1-4, versions ≥ 5 are located in scheb/2fa.

It comes with the following two-factor authentication methods:

Additional features you will like:

  • Interface for custom two-factor authentication methods
  • Trusted IPs
  • Trusted devices (once passed, no more two-factor authentication on that device)
  • Single-use backup codes for when you don't have access to the second factor device
  • Multi-factor authentication (more than 2 steps)
  • CSRF protection
  • Whitelisted routes (accessible during two-factor authentication)


composer require scheb/two-factor-bundle

... and follow the installation instructions.


Detailed documentation of all features can be found in the Resources/doc directory.

Version Guidance

Version Status Symfony Version
1.x EOL >= 2.1, < 2.7
2.x EOL ^2.6, ^3.0, ^4.0
3.x EOL 3.4, ^4.0, ^5.0
4.x Maintained 3.4, ^4.0, ^5.0
5.x Maintained 4.4, ^5.0


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This bundle is available under the MIT license.