PHP CMS boilerplate for symfony developers


Install on dev

  • `git clone`

    • run: `docker-compose up -d` and set vhost based on docker-compose.yml and docker network info
    • or use dc tool: `dc up`
  • go to docker bash `dc bashand runsh` (before setup it's good to customize paths and names described in Customize project section)

  • /admin/lgoowanie use login: admin password: admin


Profile the app with tideways_xhprof + xhgui

  • clone xhgui to src/Utils/xhgui ````
  • go to src/Utils/xhgui and run `php install.php`
  • copy etc/xhgui/config/config.default.php to src/Utils/xhgui/config/config.default.php
  • rebuild docker containers
  • change .env variable PROFILER_ENABLED set 0 or 1 (enable/disable profiling)
  • run scripts what you want to profile and go to cms-xhgui.loc

Customize project

  • customize paths and names in following files:
    • docker-compose.yml
    • .env.dist
    • phunit.xml.dist
    • config/packages/test/framework.yaml

Deploy to in production

  • simply run `sh` and follow it