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This is a simple starter who can be used for any project with back-office. SB admin 2 template is implemented for the design.



  • Login -> check your roles and redirect ( ROLE_ADMIN -> BO | ROLE_USER -> FO) - Check tips section for credentials
  • Registration form -> simple user registration
  • Forgot password -> in localhost email is not sended, you have to check the debug bar on the mail icon you will find the url to reset your password


  • Dashboard -> actually, he is so simple only the count of users registred
  • User -> table with CRUD and datatable
  • Profil (at right on top) -> edit your personnal informations
  • Parameter (at right on top) -> change your password


  • List of users -> GET /api/users {access_token} Get all users form admin

  • Single user -> GET /api/users/{id} {access_token} Get a single user for admin and owner

  • Update user -> PUT /api/users/{id} {access_token} Update a single user for admin and owner

  • Login -> GET /api/login_check Login

  • Register -> POST /api/users {access_token} Register a new User

  • Forgot password -> POST forgot-password {access_token} Forgot password by email


Login :
Title :

Sf4-Starter on title of pages -> config/packages/twig.yaml globals -> const_website_title


1 - Composer

Download dependencies needed for project : composer install

2 - Database

IMPORTANT : change the .env with your information.

Create the database : php bin/console doctrine:database:create

Update the database : php bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate

3 - Fixtures

Load random fake data. php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load

4 - Server

Launch server. php bin/console server:run