User-Interface Scaffolding for Laravel. Powered by TailwindCSS.

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Scaffolding for Laravel. Powered by TailwindCSS and Livewire.

List of the available components


Since this package relies on a few 3rd party packages, you will need to have the following installed and configured in your project:


Require with composer: composer require arkecosystem/foundation



Composer Scripts

Add those scripts to composer.json

"scripts": [
    "analyse": [
        "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse --configuration=vendor/arkecosystem/foundation/phpstan.neon --memory-limit=2G"
    "format": [
        "vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix --config=vendor/arkecosystem/foundation/.php-cs-fixer.php"
    "refactor": [
        "./vendor/bin/rector process --config=vendor/arkecosystem/foundation/rector.php"
    "test": [
    "test:fast": [
        "./vendor/bin/pest --parallel"
    "test:coverage": [
        "./vendor/bin/pest --coverage --min=100 --coverage-html=.coverage --coverage-clover=coverage.xml"

Working on Components Locally

This package contains a lot of frontend components, but no frontend views itself. So when you need to work on it, you rely on the frontend from another project. Usually this can be done by having composer symlink this package, but in this case there is a second step required to ensure you can run yarn watch, yarn prod etc. 

I'll get into it in detail and will use the project as an example. Let's assume that both the and laravel-foundation git repo's are installed in the /Users/my-user/projects/ folder on our local development machine.

Step 1 - Composer Symlink

In the composer.json file from under "repositories" add the laravel-foundation as a path:

"repositories": [
        "type": "path",
        "url": "../laravel-foundation"

After that run composer require arkecosystem/foundation --ignore-platform-reqs -W. The laravel-foundation package is now symlinked and you can work in your IDE from within your laravel-foundation repo.

Step 2 - Symlink node_modules

If you would run yarn watch from within your repo you'll get a lot of errors because dependencies are not smart enough to know they're in a symlinked directory.

  • Delete the node_modules directory on laravel-foundation.
  • Symlink the node_modules directory from to laravel-foundation by running ln -s /Users/my-user/projects/ node_modules (from within your laravel-foundation repo).

Now, when you go back to your repo, you can run yarn watch.

Don't forget to remove the symlinking after you're done.