A to the point yaml front matter parser

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A to the point front matter parser. Front matter is metadata written in yaml, located at the top of a file wrapped in ---'s.

title: Example

Lorem ipsum.
use Spatie\YamlFrontMatter\YamlFrontMatter;

$object = YamlFrontMatter::parse(file_get_contents(__DIR__.'/'));

$object->matter('title'); // => 'Example';
$object->body(); // => 'Lorem ipsum.'

// Or retrieve front matter with a property call...

$object->title; // => 'Example';

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You can install the yaml-front-matter via composer:

$ composer require spatie/yaml-front-matter


Consider the file from above. First you'll need to parse the contents:

use Spatie\YamlFrontMatter\YamlFrontMatter;
$object = YamlFrontMatter::parse(file_get_contents(''));

The parser will return a YamlFrontMatterObject, which can be queried for front matter or it's body.

$object->matter(); // => ['title' => 'Example']
$object->matter('title'); // => 'Example'
$object->body(); // => 'Lorem ipsum.'
$object->title; // => 'Example'

Protip: The matter function also accepts dot notation for nested fields, e.g. matter('meta.keywords').


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