A sane interface for php's built in preg_* functions

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Making regex great again

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Php's built in preg_* functions require some odd patterns like passing variables by reference and treating false or null values as errors. spatie/regex provides a cleaner interface for preg_match, preg_match_all, preg_replace and preg_replace_callback.

use Spatie\Regex\Regex;

// Using `match`
Regex::match('/a/', 'abc'); // `MatchResult` object
Regex::match('/a/', 'abc')->hasMatch(); // true
Regex::match('/a/', 'abc')->result(); // 'a'

// Capturing groups with `match`
Regex::match('/a(b)/', 'abc')->result(); // 'ab'
Regex::match('/a(b)/', 'abc')->group(1); // 'b'

// Setting defaults
Regex::match('/a(b)/', 'xyz')->resultOr('default'); // 'default'
Regex::match('/a(b)/', 'xyz')->groupOr(1, 'default'); // 'default'

// Using `matchAll`
Regex::matchAll('/a/', 'abcabc')->hasMatch(); // true
Regex::matchAll('/a/', 'abcabc')->results(); // Array of `MatchResult` objects

// Using replace
Regex::replace('/a/', 'b', 'abc')->result(); // 'bbc';
Regex::replace('/a/', function (MatchResult $result) {
    return $result->result() . 'Hello!';
}, 'abc')->result(); // 'aHello!bc';

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You can install the package via composer:

composer require spatie/regex


Matching a pattern once

Matches a pattern on a subject. Returns a MatchResult object for the first match.

 * @param string $pattern
 * @param string $subject
 * @return \Spatie\Regex\MatchResult
Regex::match(string $pattern, string $subject): MatchResult

MatchResult::hasMatch(): bool

Checks if the pattern matches the subject.

Regex::match('/abc/', 'abc')->hasMatch(); // true
Regex::match('/def/', 'abc')->hasMatch(); // false

MatchResult::result(): string

Return the full match that was made. Returns null if no match was made.

Regex::match('/abc/', 'abc')->result(); // 'abc'
Regex::match('/def/', 'abc')->result(); // null

MatchResult::group(int $id): string

Return the contents of a captured group (with a 1-based index). Throws a RegexFailed exception if the group doesn't exist.

Regex::match('/a(b)c/', 'abc')->group(1); // 'b'
Regex::match('/a(b)c/', 'abc')->group(2); // `RegexFailed` exception

Matching all occurences of a pattern

Matches a pattern on a subject. Returns a MatchAllResult object containing all matches.

 * @param string $pattern
 * @param string $subject
 * @return \Spatie\Regex\MatchAllResult
public static function matchAll(string $pattern, string $subject): MatchAllResult

MatchAllResult::hasMatch(): bool

Checks if the pattern matches the subject.

Regex::matchAll('/abc/', 'abc')->hasMatch(); // true
Regex::matchAll('/abc/', 'abcabc')->hasMatch(); // true
Regex::matchAll('/def/', 'abc')->hasMatch(); // false

MatchAllResult::results(): array

Returns an array of MatchResult objects.

$results = Regex::matchAll('/ab([a-z])/', 'abcabd')->results();

$results[0]->result(); // 'abc'
$results[0]->group(1); // 'c'
$results[1]->result(); // 'abd'
$results[1]->group(1); // 'd'

Replacing a pattern in a subject

Replaces a pattern in a subject. Returns a ReplaceResult object.

 * @param string|array $pattern
 * @param string|array|callable $replacement
 * @param string|array $subject
 * @param int $limit
 * @return \Spatie\Regex\ReplaceResult
public static function replace($pattern, $replacement, $subject, $limit = -1): ReplaceResult

ReplaceResult::result(): mixed

Regex::replace('/a/', 'b', 'abc')->result(); // 'bbc'

Regex::replace also works with callables. The callable will receive a MatchResult instance as it's argument.

Regex::replace('/a/', function (MatchResult $matchResult) {
    return str_repeat($matchResult->result(), 2);
}, 'abc')->result(); // 'aabc'

Patterns, replacements and subjects can also be arrays. Regex::replace behaves exactly like preg_replace in those instances.

Error handling

If anything goes wrong in a Regex method, a RegexFailed exception gets thrown. No need for checking preg_last_error().


$ composer test


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