Checks if referenced classes really exist.

v2.4.1 2020-01-01 11:05 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-01-01 11:05:41 UTC


Analyzer was created by, and is maintained by Graham Campbell, and checks if referenced classes really exist. Feel free to check out the change log, releases, security policy, license, code of conduct, and contribution guidelines.


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This version requires PHP 7.0-7.4, and supports PHPUnit 6-8.

To get the latest version, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require graham-campbell/analyzer --dev


If you discover a security vulnerability within this package, please send an email to Graham Campbell at All security vulnerabilities will be promptly addressed. You may view our full security policy here.


Analyzer is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).

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