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3.0.0 2022-05-06 09:03 UTC

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TCA driven import Script for Spreadsheets

What does it do?

This extension helps to import data from Spreadsheets into TYPO3.

How does it work?

This extension provides a new backend module in which you can use every TCA configured table for importing data from an excel.

In the default setup the table tt_address can be imported out of the box.

When uploading the spreadsheet, you can select the table you want to import data to.

After the upload, you will get a table with the data of the first worksheet. In the header you can select your field to import to, so you don't have to respect a specific order of columns in your spreadsheet.

Every line can be removed, so you import only the data you want to.


The module can be configured by TypoScript. The following snippet has to be added to your Typoscript Template (frontend).

This is the Default Setting:

module.tx_xlsimport {
	settings {
		allowedTables = tt_address
		# {storageUid}:{folderIdentifier} eg: 1:user_upload/data/import
		uploadFolder = 1:user_upload/tx_xlsimport
		# replace | rename | cancel
		duplicationBehavior = rename

which you can either override, or extend in this fashion:

module.tx_xlsimport {
	settings {
		allowedTables := addItems(my_table_configured_in_TCA)

Important: you have to specify the TABLENAME of an extension you want to import to, not the extensionname. So for example if you want to import data for the news extension (tx_news) you have to add the tablename tx_news_domain_model_news. Respectfully, if you want to import tx_news's Tags, you have to add the tablename tx_news_domain_model_tag to the list.

The extension in itself does not maintain relations out of the box.


  • deprecate TYPO3 8.7
  • add Events/Signalslots for datamanipulation
  • add support for multiple sheets

FUTURE: (hit me up if you are willing to help funding)

  • support for related data as far as it is modelled in the TCA