Displays a list of addresses from an address table on the page.

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8.0.3 2024-02-12 06:44 UTC


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TYPO3 extension tt_address

The basic aim of this extension is to store address and contact data and to output those in various ways:

  • Selection based on categories and sysfolder
  • Manual selection with custom sorting
  • List & detail view
  • Various map views including Leaflet, Google Maps and static Google Maps
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Version matrix

8.x 7.x 6.x 5.x 4.x 3.x
TYPO3 12 yes yes no yes no no
TYPO3 11 yes yes yes yes no no
TYPO3 10 no no yes yes no no
TYPO3 9 no no no yes yes no
TYPO3 8 no no no no yes yes
TYPO3 7 no no no no no yes

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