Displays a list of addresses from an address table on the page.

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5.3.0 2021-07-28 15:26 UTC


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The basic aim of tt_address is to store address and contact data and to output those in various ways:

  • Selection based on categories and sysfolder
  • Manual selection with custom sorting
  • List & detail view
  • Various map views including Leaflet, Google Maps and static Google Maps


Install the extension by using composer and composer req friendsoftypo3/tt-address or by downloading it in the extension manager or on

Version matrix

6.x 5.x 4.x 3.x
TYPO3 11 yes yes no no
TYPO3 10 yes yes no no
TYPO3 9 no yes yes no
TYPO3 8 no no yes yes
TYPO3 7 no no no yes


The extensions follows the principles known from any other TYPO3 extension:

  1. Create some records
  2. Create a new tt_address plugin on a page
  3. You are done.