CLI tool to validate and auto-fix text files, based on given .editorconfig declarations.

1.1.2 2021-03-10 18:21 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-04-10 18:35:32 UTC


CLI tool to validate and auto-fix text files, based on given .editorconfig declarations.


  • PHP 7.3, 7.4 or 8.0
  • Enabled PHP extensions: iconv, json


To install the editor-config CLI tool you need to download a handy PHAR executable, or use Composer like this:

$ composer req --dev armin/editorconfig-cli:"^1.1"

Tip: You can also install packages globally with Composer (using the composer global command).

To download the PHAR executables, checkout the releases section here.


Composer style:

$ vendor/bin/ec --help

PHAR style:

$ php ec-1.1.0.phar --help


  • Parsing .editorconfig file
  • Validating every file against corresponding .editorconfig declarations
  • Tool to fix issues automatically
  • The following "rules" are existing:
    • Charset
    • EndOfLine
    • InsertFinalNewLine
    • TrimTrailingWhitespace
    • Indention
      • Style (tab/spaces)
      • Size (width)
  • Optional strict mode to force defined indent size of spaces

How it works

  1. Counting all files in given working directory (-d)
  2. If amount of files is greater than 500, ask user for confirmation to continue. (-n for non-interactive mode)
  3. Starting with scan (when --fix is not set). By default a visual activity indicator shows scanned files (and highlights errors). You can disable this, with --no-progress. When --fix (or -f) is set, all found issues get fixed.
  4. It displays the results (to hide details of each file, you can enable the compact mode -c)


Here you see all arguments and options the ec CLI command provides:


Dev notes

Code quality tools

$ ddev composer run check
$ ddev composer run fix
$ ddev composer run test

Compiling phar binary

$ ddev composer run compile

Note: In php.ini the option phar.readonly must be set to 0.


See here