A reliable and powerful command line interface for TYPO3 CMS

v7.0.3 2021-10-16 13:29 UTC


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TYPO3 Console provides a clean way to register commands and a sane way to call these commands through a command line tool called typo3cms.

It ships many commands to execute TYPO3 actions, which otherwise would only be accessible via the TYPO3 backend. This makes TYPO3 Console a perfect companion for development, deployment, Docker setups, continuous integration workflows or anything else where automation is required or beneficial.

Examples for such commands are:

  • typo3cms install:setup to completely set up TYPO3 from command line
  • typo3cms upgrade:run to execute upgrades from command line
  • typo3cms extension:setupactive to set up all active extensions (database schema update, data import, …)


  • TYPO3 installation and upgrades from command line
  • Flexible bootstrap for commands (not every command needs a fully bootstrapped framework)
  • Reliable cache flush commands
  • Many commands useful for deployment
  • Support for Symfony commands registered within TYPO3 extensions and Composer packages


Installation using Composer

The recommended way to install TYPO3 Console is by using Composer:

composer require helhum/typo3-console

The typo3cms binary will be installed by Composer in the specified bin-dir (by default vendor/bin). TYPO3 Console is a perfect companion for Composer-based, enjoyable TYPO3 projects.

Installation as extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Download and install the extension with the Extensions module. For the extension to work, it must be installed in the typo3conf/ext directory not in any other extension location. This directory must not be a symlink to another location! The typo3cms command line tool will be copied into the installation root directory during activation, in case it is not present as a symlink to typo3conf/ext/typo3_console/Libraries/helhum/typo3-console/typo3cms. The build extension is automatically published to TER and to a read only repository representing the released state as tags, as well as current state of development in the respective branches.

Submit bug reports or feature requests

Look at the Issues for what has been planned to be implemented in the (near) future.


Thanks to all contributors and everybody providing feedback.

Special thanks to @hzoo for creating great Github issue templates for Babel, which were adopted for this package.