Sonata Project's sandbox (with ecommerce bundles)

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What's inside?

Sonata Standard Edition comes pre-configured with the following bundles:

  • Bundles from Symfony Standard distribution
  • Sonata Admin Bundles: Admin and Doctrine ORM Admin
  • Sonata Ecommerce Bundles: Payment, Customer, Invoice, Order and Product
  • Sonata Foundation Bundles: Notification, Formatter, Intl, Cache, Seo and Easy Extends
  • Sonata Feature Bundles: Page, Media, News, User, Block, Timeline
  • Api Bundles: FOSRestBundle, BazingaHateoasBundle, NelmioApiDocBundle and JMSSerializerBundle


Download sandbox files by one of possible examples


curl -L github | tar xzv
cd sandbox


git clone
cd sandbox
git checkout master

Prepare configuration

  • Copy configuration file: cp .env .env.local
  • Edit .env.local to configure own environment

Load fixtures data

  • You should be ready to go ...

Vagrant Installation

  • vagrant up --provision --provider=virtualbox (Vagrant is going to get the environnement, install it for you and load sonata sample data)
  • Configure your host sudo nano /etc/hosts and add this line sonata.local
  • Open your browser here


If you are running PHP 7.2 or above, you can use symfony to start the demo:

symfony server:start --port=9090

Now open your browser and go to http://localhost:9090/


Functional testing

To run the Behat tests, copy the default configuration file and adjust the base_url to your needs

  • Copy configuration file: cp behat.yml.dist behat.yml
  • Edit it behat.yml

You can now run the tests suite by using the following command:


To get more informations about Behat, feel free to check the official documentation.

Unit testing

To run the sandbox test suites, you can run the command:


You can also run the whole sonata-project bundles test suites by using the following command: