SOARCE application

1.0.0 2019-10-08 06:28 UTC

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Version: 1.0.0


This package is the application part of SOARCE - a tool for collecting, reading and analyzing (PHP) code coverage and function call traces within a service oriented architecture / microservice environment. The application receives and stores the information from all services and allows filtering the coverage by usecase and even request within a use case. And reverse search is also possible by seeing which usecases touch a certain line of code or call a certain function. The client (soarce/client) has to be installed per service as a dev requirement - see it's documentation. This main application comes with a docker-container for each PHP, NginX, MySQL and Redis server.


This covers only the basic installation of the soarce/application package. We assume you have git, composer, docker and docker-compose already installed on your system.

You can either download or clone the project from GitHub and run composer manually:

git clone
composer install --prefer-dist

Or use composer to install the project directly:

composer create-project "soarce/application" --prefer-dist

Then build and start the containers with a simple invocation of

docker-compose up

When docker has finished building and starting the containers, you can open your webbrowser and point it to either https://localhost:8444 or http://localhost:8001 - although we recommend setting up a an entry in /etc/hosts that points to soarce.local.

Further topics

Further topics are covered in the Documentation available inside the application.