This tool check syntax of PHP files about 20x faster than serial check.

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This tool check syntax of PHP files faster then serial check with fancier output.

Running parallel jobs in PHP inspired by Nette framework tests.


Just create a composer.json file and run the php composer.phar install command to install it:

    "require-dev": {
        "jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint": "0.*"

For colored output install suggested package jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter. After a composer.json file include:

    "require-dev": {
        "jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint": "0.*",
        "jakub-onderka/php-console-highlighter": "0.*"

Example output

Alt text

Recommended setting for usage with Symfony framework

For run from command line:

$ ./bin/parallel-lint --exclude app --exclude vendor .

or setting for ANT:

<condition property="parallel-lint" value="${basedir}/bin/parallel-lint.bat" else="${basedir}/bin/parallel-lint">
    <os family="windows"/>

<target name="parallel-lint" description="Run PHP parallel lint">
    <exec executable="${parallel-lint}" failonerror="true">
        <arg line="--exclude" />
        <arg path="${basedir}/app/" />
        <arg line="--exclude" />
        <arg path="${basedir}/vendor/" />
        <arg path="${basedir}" />

Create Phar package

PHP Parallel Lint supports Box app for creating Phar package. First, install box app:

curl -LSs http://box-project.org/installer.php | php

and then run this command in parallel lint folder, which creates parallel-lint.phar file.

box build

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