A fast Documentation generator for PHP Code using standard technology (SRC, DOCBLOCK, XML and XSLT) with event based processing

0.10.0 2017-06-15 22:18 UTC


phpDox is a documentation generator for PHP projects. This includes, but is not limited to, API documentation.

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User Installation

phpDox is shipping as a selfcontained executable phar archive. You can grab your copy from the releases section or directly here:

Installation is simple:

chmod +x phpdox-0.9.0.phar
sudo mv phpdox-0.9.0.phar /usr/bin/phpdox

You can now execute phpdox on the command line:

phpdox --version

If everything worked out, you should get an output like this:

phpDox 0.9.0 - Copyright (C) 2010 - 2016 by Arne Blankerts

Note: Starting with release 0.6.6 the pear package distribution is merely a wrapper for the selfcontained phar.

Note: Some Linux distributions ship PHP with ext/suhosin and disabled phar execution. To make use of phpDox in such an environment, you need to enable phar execution by adding phar to the executor white list: suhosin.executor.include.whitelist="phar"

Developer Installation

In case you want to go bleeding edge or hack on the source, you will have to clone this repository.

git clone git://
composer install

Usage Examples

You can run phpDox like this:

phpdox --help

As of version 0.4 phpDox requires an xml configuration file. In case a project you want to generate documentation for does not come with one, you can create it by calling

phpdox --skel > phpdox.xml.dist

Sample invocation to parse and generate output based on the default phpdox.xml configuration file


or you can tell phpdox what configuration file to use by calling switch --file or in short

phpdox -f path/to/phpdox.xml