Poser, add badges on your readme, such as downloads number or latest version.

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Use shields for your packagist.org repository that shows how many times your project has been downloaded from packagist.org or its latest stable version.

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How to create your own Badge

  • Go to the Badge Poser website
  • Insert username/repository and click on Show
  • That's it! Copy the Markdown into the README.md

Why a composer badge?

Not only because all the other languages already have it, but having the latest stable release in the readme could save time.


Active contribution and patches are very welcome. See the github issues. There are some tagged as easy-pick. To keep things in shape we have a bunch of unit tests. If you're submitting pull requests please make sure that they are still passing and if you add functionality please take a look at the coverage as well, it should be pretty high. :) Last, but not least, respect coding standards (we use php-cs-fixer for that);

  • First, fork or clone the repository:
git clone git://github.com/PUGX/badge-poser.git
cd badge-poser
  • First Install App:
$ make init

now you can see the app on http://localhost:8001

  • Go away:
$ make down
  • Return to work on App:
$ make run
  • Run phpunit:
$ make phpunit
  • Analyzes code (php-cs-fixer and phpstan):
$ make analyse

For the others allowed action execute:

$ make help

A pre-commit git hook to run phpunit, php-cs-fixer and phpstan is automatically installed.