A Redis bundle for Symfony

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This bundle integrates Predis and PhpRedis into your Symfony 4.4+ application, providing a fast and convenient interface to Redis.

Using the native PhpRedis extension is recommended as it is faster and our main development platform. If the extension is not available and cannot be installed in your environment Predis is considered a safe and portable alternative, and our integration should be functionally identical.


Use Composer:

composer require snc/redis-bundle


Read the documentation in docs/


Running full test suite requires PHP installed with certain PHP extensions and redis server, as well as overmind to start the fleet of redis processes.

Because of this, we use Nix for local development.

After you install Nix, make sure you are in directory with SncRedisBundle. Within it, you can run

nix shell

to install and enter the development environment. Once there, you can run

composer update # install php package dependencies
overmind start & # start redis fleet
php vendor/bin/phpunit # run tests, or anything else you want with php binary

When committing, please do not include changes in redis-sentinel.conf or nodes.conf files, as those change often.