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This is a php library that creates badges like Badge Poser and I'm a badge and dark, according to Shields specification.

This library is used by

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  • PHP 8.1 or higher
  • GD extension

you can still use the library with lower PHP versions, using the old releases

Use as command

1. Create a project

composer create-project badges/poser
ln -s poser/bin/poser /usr/local/bin/poser

2. Launch the command

Create an image

poser license MIT blue -p "license.svg"

Flush an image

poser license MIT blue

Choose a different style

poser license MIT blue -s "for-the-badge"

Usage as library

1. Add to composer dependencies

composer require badges/poser

2. Use in your project as lib

use PUGX\Poser\Render\SvgPlasticRender;
use PUGX\Poser\Poser;

$render = new SvgPlasticRender();
$poser = new Poser([$render]);

echo $poser->generate('license', 'MIT', '428F7E', 'plastic');
// or
echo $poser->generateFromURI('license-MIT-428F7E.svg?style=plastic');
// or
echo $poser->generateFromURI('license-MIT-428F7E?style=plastic');
// or
$image = $poser->generate('license', 'MIT', '428F7E', 'plastic');

echo $image->getStyle();

The allowed styles are: plastic, flat, flat-square, and for-the-badge.


Dashes --- Dash

Underscores ___ Underscore

_ or Space → Space


For more info please see the behat features and the examples in the php-spec folder

Why a composer badge?

Not only because all the other languages already have it, but having the latest stable release in the readme could save time.


Active contribution and patches are very welcome.
Please refer to CONTRIBUTING