Symfony2 application to play with PayumBundle.

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Welcome to the Payum Bundle Sandbox - a fully-functional Symfony2 application that you can use as the skeleton for your new applications.

This document contains information on how to download, install, and start using Payum Bundle.

For a more detailed explanation, see:

  1. Installation

First of all clone this repository on your local machine:

git clone folder-name

As Symfony and PayumBundle uses Composer to manage its dependencies, now it's time to install them.

If you don't have Composer yet, download it following the instructions on or just run the following command:

curl -s | php

Then go to the folder where you downloaded the repository and symply run

composer install
  1. Checking your System Configuration

Before starting coding, make sure that your local system is properly configured for Symfony.

Execute the check.php script from the command line:

php app/check.php


Don't forget to configure a payment gateway options in app/config/parameters.yml.

  1. Configure the application

To make the images, css files and other files needed to display the web pages, you need to install them.


app/console assets:install

In the folder web/bundles will be copied all the required files that are used to render the web pages.

Then create the database and its schema

app/console doctrine:database:create && app/console doctrine:schema:update --force
  1. Run the web server

To use the app, you have to run the php built-in webserver using the Symfony's command

app/console server:start
  1. Browsing the Demo Application

Congratulations! You're now using Symfony! :)

Go to and you will see the Symfony's Welcome Page that tells you

Your application is now ready. You can start working on it at

Now you can start navigating the app.

Go to and you will se a list of available demos created by Symfony itself.

To see the list of demos of payment gateways, instead, go to