A php library for building xmlrpc clients and servers

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A php library for building xml-rpc clients and servers.

Requirements and Installation

The recommended way to install this library is using Composer.

Detailed installation instructions are in the file, along with system requirements listing.


  • See the documentation page at for a list of the library main features and all project related information, including information about online resources such as debuggers and demo servers.

  • The user manual can be found in the doc/manual directory: phpxmlrpc_manual.adoc. It includes sections about upgrading from previous versions and the Backwards compatibility promise as well as about running the library's testing suite and bundled debugger.

    The manual is formatted as an asciidoc file - if viewing it locally, it is recommended to either use an IDE which can natively render asciidoc, or view it as html with a browser by serving it via a webserver and accessing /doc/manual/index.html

    The latest version of the manual is also accessible online at

  • Automatically-generated documentation for the API is available online at

  • You are encouraged to look also at the code examples found in the demo/ directory.

    Note: to reduce the size of the download, the demo files are not part of the default package installed with Composer. You can either check them out online at, download them as a separate tarball from or make sure they are available locally by installing the library using Composer option --prefer-install=source. Whatever the method chosen, make sure that the demo folder is not directly accessible from the internet, i.e. it is not within the webserver root directory).



Use of this software is subject to the terms in the license.txt file

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