SOFORT API wrapper for PHP

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This documentation explains the SofortLib PHP, its parts, how to set it up and how to test it.


Integrate the SofortLib PHP into your project to communicate via PHP with the SOFORT API.

Find out more about the SOFORT API/SDK here:

SofortLib PHP Supports the following SOFORT Products:

  1. SOFORT Überweisung (SOFORT Banking/Payment)
  2. SOFORT Paycode
  3. SOFORT Billcode
  4. Refund
  5. iDEAL


Install the sofort/sofortlib-php package using composer:

    "require": {
        "sofort/sofortlib-php": "3.*"

SofortLib Package

The SofortLib PHP package contains the following:

  • the /src directory with the class-files
  • an /examples folder, with examples of usage
  • the folder /test with the unittests (for PHP Unit).


  • initiate a SOFORT Überweisung
  • create/initiate a SOFORT Überweisung Paycode
  • create/initiate a SOFORT Überweisung Billcode
  • getting the details for one or more transactions
  • getting the details for a period and/or status
  • convert received XML to a PHP Object
  • marking refunds
  • getting the current iDEAL Bank list
  • generate a forward URL for the iDEAL payment data
  • creating checksum/hash for iDEAL Payment data
  • creating checksum/hash for iDEAL Notifications


Find examples of usage for the different modules in the /examples directory.


Run the tests