A command line interface for Pantheon

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Terminus is Pantheon's Command Line Interface (CLI), providing at least equivalent functionality to the Pantheon's browser-based Dashboard and easier scripting.

If you would like to contribute, pull requests are welcome!

The Manual

Our documentation is kept in the Terminus Manual, located here: https://pantheon.io/docs/terminus


Operating System Version
MacOS 10.14+
Ubuntu Latest LTS
Windows + WSL + Ubuntu TBD

Package Manager

Required Packages

These packages are required to take full advantage of Terminus.

  • Composer 2 (Needed for the plugin manager component)

  • PHP (v7.4+)

  • Git (May be needed for the plugin manager component)

Recommended Packages

  • Drush (Useful to run incompatible-with-Terminus Drush commands)

  • WP-CLI (Useful to run incompatible-with-Terminus WP-CLI commands)


Mac OS:

Terminus is published as a package under pantheon-systems/external. To install it, you should run:

brew install pantheon-systems/external/terminus

Ubuntu / WinWSL+Ubuntu:

*** TBD ***

Other installation methods

Refer to the Terminus manual for other installation methods.